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Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor Review – Fast And Affordable

by Techies Guardian
Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor Review - Fast And Affordable

Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor Review – Fast And Affordable – At the end of last year, Lenovo announced several small and attractive gaming monitors, distinguished by increased ergonomics and high image quality at a very affordable price. One of them, the 24.5 inch Lenovo G25-10 is finally on our list. Having tested the device, we share our impressions of it.

We ensured that the Chinese corporation Lenovo could seriously interest gamers not only by premium displays of the Legion brand. It has developed a whole line of gaming G-monitors of no less quality, which are distributed at fairly fair prices. All that’s missing from these monitors is the best gaming mice under 50 and onward to the game!

Today we take a look at the G25-10, one of the newest models with modern interfaces, a frameless design, a fast TN matrix, and FHD resolution. For its price, the display has a really decent set of features. We will tell you more about it.


The design is completely black. Decorations manufacturers preferred strict, modern design with simple and functional geometry. The texture of the plastic housing of the monitor and the outer shell of the stand imitate brushed rough metal. The appearance of G25-10 captivates with restraint and completeness.

The monitor has flat and fairly thick legs attached to the surface with non-slip pads. The depth is about 23 centimeters, and the spread is around 40. Despite the plastic base, the coating is dirt resistant to dust and fingerprints.

The laconic stand, shaped as an elongated rectangle with rounded sides, is equipped with a fixed rim for cable management. The monitor moves around freely within 110 millimeters and tilts and swings back just a little. There is no swivel mechanism, nor is it possible to rotate the display for portrait orientation.

The G25-10 has a very thin case with a single vent, a tag with the Lenovo logo glued to the side, and interfaces brought out below. There’s just one DP 1.2 and one HDMI 1.4, as well as a 3.5mm audio output and a power cord port.

The monitor frames are no more than two millimeters thick, and there is almost no gap between the matrix and the case. On the bottom of a three-centimeter panel, there are controls – a few flat buttons on the right side of the front panel. Let us have a look at what they are used for.

Control Panel

Five keys on the panel have hot functions. One is used for turning the display off; the second is designed for quick switching between presets. The third one allows you to change the signal source, while the fourth is used to adjust the brightness. And, finally, the last introduces the user to the general menu with six sections.

The picture section allows you to adjust brightness (within 400 nits), enable DCR mode (dynamic contrast), adjust color saturation, contrast, etc.

Monitor function mode adjusts the color temperature, turns on the blue filter and SRGB mode.

The system section adjusts the menu, but only the language, transparency, and display time.

In the advanced settings, there are some presets that are calibrated quite well, matrix overclocking (up to 1 ms in max mode), enabling FreeSync, etc.

The last section is for auto-detection of the signal source or manual selection of the necessary one. The navigation is very simple and clear, but there are no frills. What is the most pleasing is the option with the saturation setting, as it is not available everywhere.

Features and Impressions

The monitor does support HDR decoding technology, but at a very minimal level, and, frankly, the image quality is not so impressive. Anyway, playing Forza Horizon 4 is much better in the game mode with normal SRGB. However, it is a matter of taste.

The picture of G25-10 is very bright and well detailed; the blue light filter is certified by TÜV Eye Comfort. The monitor does not cause eye strain and does not glare, as evidenced by general tests.

A speed TN matrix – high Hertzian can be considered the main advantage of the device, which is more than enough for modern sessions. Combined with a fast response and the support of the FreeSync monitor provides an amazingly agile and smooth picture.

The quality of the monitor ensures that no detail escapes the player’s attention. In any case, it is very comfortable to play CoD or Valorant on it, as well as League of Legends – G25-10 will be perfect for novice cyber players.

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