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Tips to Improve the Internet Speed of the PS4

by Techies Guardian
Tips to Improve the Internet Speed of the PS4 - Techies Guardian

Having a good connection is a very important factor for users. Today we live in an interconnected society, where we use many devices with network access. This also applies to PS4 and game consoles, and we are going to talk about it. In this article, we TG are going to offer a series of tips to improve Internet speed on PS4. It is, as we know, one of the most popular consoles today.

Having a Good Internet Connection is Essential

It is essential to have an Internet speed and ping monitoring tool that adapts to our needs. Every time we make more extensive use of the network, and that means that we must also improve the options we have to navigate.

If we talk about playing online, it will be very important to have good internet speed. On the one hand, it will serve to download games or parts of the game, the settings, and the different tools necessary. But also to have a latency that is as low as possible.

Therefore, it is a fact that improving Internet speed on PS4 can make our day to day play easier. It will make us have no problems when entering games with other users or being able to correctly download everything necessary.

How to Improve Internet Speed on PS4

We are going to show some important tips to be able to play with the PS4 with the best speed on the Internet. They are simple recommendations to apply.

Use Cable Instead of Wireless Network

A basic point that we have to mention is to try to connect by a cable instead of using wireless networks. It is true that Wi-Fi today is much better than a few years ago. It offers more stability, coverage, and speed. However, devices that are connected by cable have more stability and fewer problems.

So our advice is that whenever possible, we connect our PS4 to the Internet via a LAN cable.

Use Repeaters or Amplifiers if Necessary

In case we have no option but to navigate through Wi-Fi, something we can do is use repeaters or amplifiers. In this way, we will be capable to considerably improve wireless coverage and be able to connect better.

We have at our disposal an broad range of possibilities in this regard. We can make use of PLCs that work through the power line, repeaters, amplifiers, Wi-Fi Mesh systems. Any of these options could improve the way we connect to the network.

Close Apps in the Background

Sometimes we have too many background applications that consume resources. This is something that happens in all kinds of equipment that we have connected to the network. As long as they are programs that we do not need, the ideal is that they are turned off and do not consume bandwidth.

So an interesting tip is to close these applications in the background that can interfere with our Wi-Fi connection.

Avoid Using Other Devices at the Same Time

Of course, another important tip is to focus on speed on the PS4. This means that we should avoid browsing or downloading files from other computers. Especially if we are going to use a limited network, which does not have large bandwidth, this way we will avoid problems when playing on the Internet.

This is something that we can apply to any type of device that we use with an Internet connection. We need to concentrate the speed as best as possible.

Change DNS

Another option is to change the DNS that we are using. Sometimes simply with this gesture, we can significantly improve our connection and have a better speed, thus avoiding possible internet speed problems of the PS4.

On the Internet, we can search for the best DNS for the PS4 and thus achieve a better connection.

Correctly Connect the PS4 to the Network

As with any device, we will have at our disposal a series of functions and configurations that we can use. We should take a look and see that everything is as optimized as possible.

In conclusion, following these steps, we have mentioned we can achieve that the Internet speed on the PS4 is the best. Some basic recommendations to optimize the signal.

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