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Why Having a Data Only Plan in Singapore Is More Beneficial

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Why Having a Data Only Plan in Singapore Is More Beneficial – We are accelerating the pace at which we are moving away from voice and SMS services and started increasing our data usage. The advantages of having data only plans in Singapore cannot be understated.

Having a Data Only Plan in Singapore Is More Beneficial

#1. You pay only for the services you are using

There is no point in paying a subscription that includes voice and SMS packages if you are not going to use them. It is like paying for a car that you never use. It is not about you being able to afford services that you are not using. It is about waste and throwing away money for no reason.

#2. You get more data traffic

One of the main advantages of having a data only plan in Singapore is that you are getting more traffic for your money. Data traffic is not cheap, and most subscription packages have a limited amount of data allowance each month. If you like streaming, online services, social media, and online games, you will find that what is included in a base mobile subscription package is not enough. If you go for a data traffic-only package, you can get more traffic for the same monthly payments.

You get more data traffic

#3. You avoid extra costs

Lastly, a data-only subscription package protects you from extra charges. Usually, these packages include a lot of data traffic, making it difficult to exceed the monthly allowance. On a regular or base plan, you are more likely to exceed the allowance. Once you exceed that, the carrier can either charge you per megabyte of data which can be expensive or drastically limit your data traffic speed. Out of all the advantages of having data only plans in Singapore, this is the most important one. A data-only plan ensures you are getting higher transfer rates and you will be less likely to be charged extra regardless of how much data you use.

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