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Going the Extra Mile with Clients: A Guide

by Techies Guardian
Going the Extra Mile with Clients

Going the Extra Mile with Clients – When you’re dealing with multiple clients, you’ll know that you need to keep them on your side, engaged in your mission, while also happy and comfortable in your partnership. This means balancing your time between each of your clients and their interests and being there for them when they need your assistance. Yet, how can you go further, making your clients feel that you’re an excellent partner that they truly value? This article offers four tips to help you go the extra mile for your clients, building trust and loyalty as you do so.

Corporate Gifts

Nothing goes down quite as well as an unexpected gift. Whether you organize a hamper for the office staff of clients, or a set of pens for their next conference, you can show that you care by offering something to them. This falls under the umbrella term of corporate gift, which can be any number of things. You can give custom hats by Anthem Branding, designed to be fashionable, as well as branded. You can offer some of your products to their teams for free. Think outside the box to make sure you’re making clients smile with your thoughtful gifts. Giving thoughtful business greeting cards along with a corporate gift leaves a lasting impression on clients. Greeting cards offer a personal touch, allowing businesses to express gratitude, extend well wishes, or celebrate milestones.


Events serve two key purposes in the corporate world. The first is the stated purpose: to bring together key stakeholders to tie up a deal, discuss a new direction, or have exciting conversations on the cutting edge of your industry. The other is to have fun, letting your hair down in the presence of the clients that you work with every week. If you organize excellent events for your corporate clients, with all the wine and canapés they can reasonably quaff and gobble, you’ll be well on your way to a positive impression with your most valued clients.

Dedicated Assistants

Some clients are of higher value than others. Some require a little bit of a personal touch, while others aren’t interested in special treatment. For those clients that you think might benefit from a personal, sensitive touch, it might well be worth assigning them a client lead. This individual will be your chief point of contact with the client and will ensure that they’re well-catered for at all times. They’ll keep their pager on at night in case of a request from the client, and the impression all this will live will be one of reliability, trust, and respect between your organizations.

Targeted Discounts

Finally, to make your clients happy, you can make their bottom line a little sweeter. This should be a last resort measure; in case you feel that you’re about to lose a client to a competitor. In these cases, consider what you can do to encourage your relationship to get back onto the rails. This might include offering them discounts on their contracts, or preferential treatment when it comes to the service you provide. Make sure you consider this option when you’re in danger of losing a valued client.

These four tips are all important ways in which businesses can show their clients that they truly, deeply care.

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