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Behind Geekvape’s Success: A Critical Evaluation of Its Marketing Strategies

by Techies Guardian
Behind Geekvape’s Success: A Critical Evaluation of Its Marketing Strategies

Geekvape’s Success: A Evaluation of Its Marketing Strategies – Geekvape has been one of the leading lights in the vaping industry for a number of years now and they are still going strong.  In 2015, the brand was founded and ever since it has captured the hearts and minds of customers the world over. This technology company headquartered in Shenzhen thrives in innovation and users are satisfied with the quality of their offerings.

A critical key to Geekvapes success has been to listen to the yearnings of their customers and design products that will meet those needs. By serving millions of customers globally with quality vapes worthy of every dime spent the company has remained a solid brand for close to a decade. But how has Geekvape vapors become mainstream? What has been their strategy that has brought the company so much success in the industry?

Marketing Strategy of Geekvape

One of the strategies deployed by Geekvape which other brands have started copying I’d the community strategy; Geekvape has successfully built a thriving community of users who have stayed loyal to the brand. Once a new product is out their community are always the first to hear of it; this online community serves as a testing ground for new ideas and a ready market for new products.

By expanding the community and encouraging interaction with the community Geekvape vapors get a life of its own without the need for extra cash to be spent on marketing.

Innovation Is Winning Formula

Brands that do not innovate are likely to go extinct in due course and this is one knowledge not lost to Geekvape decision makers. Beyond that he needs to innovate internally across the entire value chain the brand brings this to the notice of customers and industry watchers. By projecting their hunger for innovation to the outside world, they maintain their commitment to quality in the eyes of the buying public and this move has been quite impactful.

Customers are always willing to buy products that creators have invested time and resources into because they believe that their interest will be served and utility derived. Not only does Geekvape innovate, they let the world know that they are industry innovators.  So much for positive PR.

Quality Is Everything

Spending a fortune on marketing is not a bad move but if the product is of low quality the exercise will end up a wasted investment. To this end, Geekvape releases nothing but the best vapes into the market. While the quality of their vapes speak for themselves, investing in advertising is only the final icing on the cake. From design ergonomy to vapor quality, all the boxes for excellence and quantity are checked.

Social Events

Last but not least, the marketing strategy adopted by Geekvape is to meet the consumer in the right place at the right time; what better way can this be done than at social events.  The brand sponsors sporting, art, musical and cultural events at outdoor spaces and these arenas are designed with Geekvape branding.

By funding such events, a lasting impression is created in the mind of the attendees so making a transition towards Geekvape as a trusted brand becomes an afterthought. Guests are introduced to the different models and flavors on offer and even more is the social media buzz created at these events.

Internet users see Geekvape plastered across social media and these images are quite impactful and resonate with guests and social media users.

Fanfare creation is the ultimate marketing strategy that has projected Geekvape to the world and the results have been nothing short of outstanding.

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