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Gantt Chart Write for Us, Project Management Tools Blog Post Submission

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Gantt Chart Write for Us

Gantt Chart Write for Us

Gantt Chart Write for Us

Gantt chart: the solution for planning


Basically, The Gantt chart is a implement that allows you to plan the activities of a company . Its elements provide an overview of the project, as well as its monitoring. It can also be useful to anticipate a problem and solve it with greater agility.

This diagram was created by Henry Laurence Gantt in the early 20th century. The developer implemented this technique in order to establish a relationship between time and workload.

In this way, complex projects (include more than 25 activities) can be viewed through the most expensive task and will reflect deadlines, resource allocation and budget costs.

Therefore, the Gantt chart is a simple way to plan projects taking into account all the determining factors. Thus, the company can anticipate and organize all the movements of the company.

Graphically, this visual representation is formed by a coordinate system with two axes. All the tasks included in the project are located vertically, while the times are located on the horizontal axis.

The deadlines use default values ​​such as days, weeks, months, On the other hand, the tasks are tracked through a rectangular block that will indicate the progress of the activity and its times.

In the event that a restructuring is necessary due to errors or possible difficulties, it is advisable to mark the change with another color.

What elements should you include in your Gantt chart?

The first issue that we are clear about is that the Gantt chart is used to plan projects. But, what components must we take into account to represent it? Here we list them. Take note and don’t forget any.


The project must have a fixed beginning and an end, otherwise it can be extended in time without achieving the objectives. Or never start with a continuous postponement. Mark the dates realistically and with your feasibility in mind.


All the activities necessary to complete the project should be included here. From the simplest to the most complex. Forgetting any of them can cause delays.


Once the beginning and end have been marked, it is important to plan the times for each task. In this way, Therefore, we can guarantee that each action is carried out in due course and does not harm the rest.

Interdependent tasks

Some actions can be carried out without affecting others, however, there are others that, if not completed, slow down the process. For this reason, they must be taken into account so as not to make mistakes.


The graph will show how the project is developing. We will be able to visualize the finished tasks, the pending ones and the ones that are in process. This way you will see in real time if the project is working as planned.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Gantt chart

The project management has evolved significantly with the passage of time. The appearance of new technologies has been a great impulse to implement new features in traditional tools. This is the case of the Gantt chart.

Microsoft’s spreadsheet application, Excel has been one of the drivers of this renovation. In the case of this graphic representation combined with office automation, Therefore, it gives a rigorous result. This is one of the many advantages that this diagram offers to the company, for example, the following stand out:

Global schedule

It is very practical to have all the tasks, deadlines and resources of a project in the same document. In this way, anyone involved can know where they are and where they are going. And above all, avoid oversights and delays.

Realistic deadlines

Before setting the times, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the company’s capabilities. Therefore It will be useless to set deadlines, if the company does not have the means to meet them.

Achievement of objectives

Breaking down the project into small tasks will allow to achieve the goals more easily. This generates satisfaction and motivation among employees, who will maintain their involvement by knowing that their tasks are essential for the entire project.


In this way anyone involved can know where they are and where they are going. Also, by knowing the tasks, departments can relate if questions or problems arise.

Monitoring and updating

The graph is constantly updated. All those involved will know the degree of compliance or how much is left to finish.

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