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How Facebook is Changing Their Advertising for Businesses in 2022

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How Facebook is Changing Their Advertising for Businesses in 2022

How Facebook is Changing Their Advertising for Businesses in 2022 – Facebook has been a potent marketing tool in the past, with more than 2.91 billion users on their platform, meaning it’s beneficial for finding and advertising to your target audience. However, Facebook has recently made many changes to its advertising structure as of January 2022. That is essential for your business to advertise your products or services successfully.

This article will cover everything you need to know about how Facebook changes its advertising for businesses in 2022.

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is a digital marketing technique that involves paying Facebook to show your ads to users on their platform. Depending on how your ad campaign works, you can pay them based on impressions or clicks. As a result, if you are only interested in showing ads for your business to people who are potentially converting, you can pay Facebook each time someone clicks on your ad.

While there are many platforms to choose from when it comes to advertising on social media, Facebook continually stands out for a few reasons, including:

  • Advertising Is Cheap: Facebook advertising is cheap, primarily if you use their native advertising tools.
  • Custom Targeting: Facebook allows for a wide range of targeting options based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, among other things. This specificity makes finding people interested in your product or service more accessible.
  • More Effective At Finding Qualified Leads: Facebook has shown to be more effective at finding qualified leads than platforms like Twitter, Google AdWords, and LinkedIn combined.
  • High User Engagement: Studies show that users spend more than 50 minutes each day on the Facebook platform. Which essentially guarantees you can reach them through advertising if they are interested in what you have to offer.

Changes Targeting Options For Facebook Advertising Policies

Facebook has come under fire for privacy concerns in the past, which made them shift to what they call “privacy-focused advertising” that ensures your information is safe. One of the most significant changes for Facebook was removing some targeting options. Changes included eliminating topics considered sensitive to Facebook, including ethnicity, race, health, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and religion.

Besides removing these options, they’re also removing the ability for advertisers to target users based on specific interests, including Jewish holidays, LGBT culture, lung cancer awareness, and other social issues.

When Do These Changes Take Place?

As of January 19th, 2022, these changes have already been published, with impacted campaigns running until March 2022. If you don’t make any changes, your advertisement will be disabled. However, the advice from Digital Authority is that businesses should take a proactive approach to change their advertisements instead of waiting until this date to approach.

How To Change Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

While Facebook removes various options, businesses can still target users based on interests and other demographics. If you’re looking for ways to change your Facebook advertising campaigns, you’ll want to follow these tips:

Get Specific On Your Target Audience:

Facebook wants to ensure that its ads target the right people. However, suppose you do not have a specific target audience in mind. In that case, this can easily waste money on advertisements that aren’t reaching the right people.

Before changing your Facebook ads campaign, evaluate who exactly your target audience is and the profile of their demographic. Ensure that the changes you implement focus on increasing your reach among this audience.

Update Your Target Audience On Your Facebook Ads Campaign

If you already have an existing Facebook ads campaign, you’ll need to update your target audience by selecting “Change Ad Set” from the drop-down menu on the top of your screen. When changing your target audience, Facebook will allow for similar options targeted around interests that are not considered sensitive.

Evaluate The Amount Of Engagement

Once you’ve set up your new campaign, you’ll want to start generating some data. First, keep an eye on how much engagement your Facebook ads are receiving, as this can tell you how users are responding to your ad campaign. This data will either indicate that you’re not reaching your target audience or that your advertisement is not resonating with your audience. Compare your engagement numbers to that of prior ads you’ve run and adjust accordingly.

Monitor Click-Through Rate

Another metric to keep an eye on is the click-through rate. If your ads aren’t getting a lot of engagement, you’ll want to adjust your advertisement using different images or other components from within Facebook Power Editor. You should also remove any ads that are not performing well and stop them from running in the future.

Make Changes As Necessary

You’ll want to know when to re-evaluate your Facebook ads campaign. If you’re unsure, re-evaluate every 3-6 months. Still, if your ad doesn’t resonate with your audience within the first few weeks, you might want to change it immediately.

Try Out Additional Platforms If Necessary

If you continue to struggle with your campaign, you might need to explore other options. Consider testing out Facebook’s competitor platforms such as Twitter and Instagram Ads. These platforms don’t provide the same targeting capabilities that you’re used to using on Facebook ads. However, they can be great ways to increase exposure and generate more leads and business opportunities! In addition, you might be surprised by the location of your target audience.

Remember that these changes are not something you can adapt to overnight. Businesses will need to budget time for this transition, as it’s never easy to change an entire campaign around. While Facebook may be removing options, it may seem like they’re eliminating choice. However, Facebook is trying to make its platform safer and ensure the shared information is more relevant.


If you’re a business owner wanting to generate more leads and increase awareness, the Facebook ads platform is an excellent tool.

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