7 Tips For Ensuring the Safety of Patients in Hospitals

Tips For Ensuring the Safety of Patients in Hospitals – Being a part of the healthcare system comes with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of staff and patients. Your daily work has a significant impact on the health of people inside of a hospital every day. As a hospital becomes busier, its safety measures can fall through the cracks. That is why the safety of patients has come onto the radar of healthcare workers.

Initiatives for ensuring patient safety include revising hospital procedures, using advanced technology, keeping medical equipment shielded away, following proper cleaning procedures, and training the staff to reduce errors and protect the patients. Though there is no magic pill that instantly fixes patient safety issues, some factors have proven to help in the long run.

7 Factors That Helps You Ensure Safety in Hospitals

Each and every person who works in the healthcare facility has the responsibility of keeping the patients safe and secure. Since critically ill patients are already vulnerable, they need to be guaranteed a safe environment so that their health does not worsen. To help you take care of your team and patients in a better way, we have put together the following helpful measures.

Using Monitoring Technology

As healthcare workers care for several patients with varying needs, monitoring technology can help them follow the proper procedure. Monitoring technology includes bed alarms to notify when a patient is out of bed and a barcode system to verify their medication. Installing such monitoring systems in hospitals provides an easy way to prevent human error.

Another assessment tool for hospitals published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suggests that the healthcare workers must formulate guidelines to determine heath management system performance. To encourage compliance with safety protocols, managers and employees must participate in the decision-making processes. It will help adjust organizational policies and ensure regular performance reviews.

Ensuring the Patients Understand their Treatment

You may think that educating and training healthcare workers about patients’ safety can help prevent unfortunate circumstances, but it is not so. While educating the staff, it is equally vital to inform the patients about their treatment to avoid errors. It does not mean that the patients need to have the same knowledge as a professional. It simply means a higher understanding of the treatment and its risks.

By educating the patients and their family members about maintaining their health, medication, and medical procedures, you give them the tools to prevent errors in their care. Additionally, having a written policy outlining the do’s and don’ts regarding regular and emergency patient safety incidents within the hospital premises may help.

Keeping Critical Materials in Stock

A pandemic can wreak havoc across the healthcare system. That is why using PPE in hospitals should become not only essential but also routine. Things that should count as the new normal within hospital premises must include surgical masks, gloves, PPE kits, sanitizers, and face shields. At the same time, keeping a required amount of all this stuff in stock is essential.

Following Proper Cleaning Procedures

Even the simplest of actions have a significant impact on the safety of the patients. Following proper cleaning procedures, including hand washing techniques, is one of the best ways to stop germs and infections. Healthcare staff may use alcohol-based sanitizers after touching unclean surfaces and even the patients. It will help prevent the spreading of diseases to a great extent.

Additionally, you may educate the staff to label the waste cans and containers to ensure proper waste management. It will not only help improve their safety, but of everyone else, they come in contact with.

Working as a Team

Hospitals are a place where the sick and injured go for treatment. Every member of the staff plays a significant role in the overall functioning of a hospital. Their importance can be noted when either of them is on leave or sick.

That is why emphasizing teamwork and being clear about one’s role in the functioning of a hospital can make a big difference to its attitude towards preventing errors. If the whole staff works in unison with different departments, minor errors can get avoided without much effort.

Verify Medical Procedures

You all must have heard the stories where the doctor performed surgical errors on the operation table. As a hospital is a system that directly impacts our lives, such careless actions of the staff can leave a poor impression of the hospital altogether. That is why building regular verification processes into hospital procedures will help prevent significant errors.

It will also make some routine procedures systematic so that errors are avoided greatly.

Enforcing Safety Measures

In such a rapidly changing environment, ensuring safety just once is not enough. During the rainy season, the patients and staff may come in contact with electric equipment. To ensure they remain safe from being electrocuted, you may install an outdoor electronics cabinet on the hospital premises. It is an investment that will ensure safety for a long time and prevent condensation in any weather.

While many individuals working inside a hospital may not like wearing masks and PPE all the time, do not let their behavior put your patients’ health in jeopardy. Enforce strict rules within the healthcare facility and make sure everyone follows them. You may put posters on entrances or any other significant places with messages that highlight the importance of wearing masks.

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