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Best Crypto Exchanges Based in the USA

by Techies Guardian
The Best Crypto Exchanges Based in the USA

The Best Crypto Exchanges Based in the USA – With the rush development of the crypto market, more people started to enter this industry, aimed at making profits on trading. Along with new market participants, new services and platforms are appearing as well. They are aimed at helping traders work with the most convenient conditions and best rates. There are also different companies providing the service of swapping coins. They can be centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized (DEX), which this article is all about. We are going to show you the difference between these two types of services and mention the most popular of them.

How do DEX and CEX differ?

While at first glance you may find no difference between DEX and CEX, if you look deeper you realize there are some principle factors that make these two kinds of exchanges different. We may compare the centralized service with a bank. You bring money, and it is stored on the site’s service, which uses for its own purposes. Once you need to perform a crypto transfer or withdraw your funds, the platform helps you with it. Regarding decentralized exchanges, the situation is the opposite. The funds are not stored on the site. They just move between the users in the process of swapping. Thus, as you can see, DEX and CEX are different when it comes to storing funds.

Another big difference between these two types of exchanges is anonymity. The point is that centralized exchanges usually ask their users to register on the site and pass the KYC verification before starting full-fledged work. This implies that one should send copies of documents and pictures that prove one’s identity to the main office of the exchange. This may take several days. So if you want to swap coins instantly, you will not succeed until your identity is verified. Moreover, it excludes your anonymity. Thus, if the site will be subject to a hacker attack, your data may appear in the hands of third parties. Unlike CEX, decentralized sites usually don’t require registration or KYS verification. Such sites may only ask for your email.


This is one of the oldest sites on the crypto market, created back in 2013. It has worked with Fidor Bank since 2014. The platform offers 19 crypto assets available for trading as well as 5 fiat currencies. There is an opportunity to trade with leverage and the possibility to withdraw fiat on Kraken exchange.


This is a decentralized platform for exchanging crypto assets that can be considered a rival to many US based crypto exchanges. It stands out for several reasons, and attractive rates are one of them. The site algorithms search for the best prices for your crypto pair throughout the market and provide you with the most lucrative option. The service had a high level of protection from DDoS attacks and a user-friendly interface. One does not have to pass KYC verification on Godex, thus, you maintain anonymity. Another reason why users from around the world choose this site is its transparent working conditions — you will not face any hidden fees when operating on Godex. The interface of the service is easy to handle even for a beginner. The rates fixed at the beginning of the exchange are frozen until the application has been performed.


This is another platform with an intuitive and convenient interface for trades with experience and without it. You may test the demo mode available on the site to try yourself in trading without the risk of losing. The service also works on Android and iOS apps, which makes it much more convenient and fast. The site requires registration.


Although this site is rather young in the crypto industry, it is fairly popular among users from all over the world. As of the middle of March, the daily trading volume of this exchange reaches $27 billion. This is a large reliable service for you to use.


This is another popular large service for working with crypto assets for you to know. The site works according to US laws and offers buying crypto-assets and trading them. You can use this platform in over 100 countries of the world. However, this service requires verification and registration before you start trading. If your goal is just to store coins, you can avoid verification.


There are many large trading platforms in the crypto market. Both centralized and decentralized services have their pros and cons and offer different conditions. Whether you are an experienced trader or only a beginner, you should take a closer look at each platform and find out about its fees, speed of work, safety, and coins available. It will allow you to make a proper decision and choose one or several platforms for convenient and profitable trading.

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