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5 best public companies that hold Bitcoin (2023)

by Techies Guardian
companies that hold Bitcoin

The number of firms is collectively purchasing Bitcoin due to its ongoing worth which keeps on enhancing day by day. Companies like Block, Tesla, and Coinbase are some of the topmost trending firms in favour of cryptocurrency. Even the year 2022 was the year when the crypto crash took place and crypto value suddenly fell from the highs of the bull market. Some years back, a few traded firms were holding cryptocurrency. Because buying Bitcoin for their reserve was the point of jock for others. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you must visit the official BitIQ app companies that hold Bitcoin.

It is because the top cryptocurrencies were so volatile to the fringe to be embraced by any serious business and the illusion was broken when some well-reputed firms started purchasing Bitcoin over the past two years. So, if you are curious to search those firms which own the highest number of Bitcoins are listed here:

MicroStrategy: the bitcoin holder

This company does nothing with Bitcoin but still was the highest holder of Bitcoin. It burst in 2020 when its co-founder Michael Saylor announced the acquisition of almost $ 250 million worth of coins.  The interesting part of MicroStrategy is that it provides business intelligence software. Moreover, Micro Strategy was able to add more Bitcoins to its balance sheet due to its declining value of cash and it declared the BTC as an asset. In addition to that MicroStrategy took a $ 1 billion debt to get additional Bitcoins.

Tesla: the bitcoin holder

The owner of the company is Elon Musk who needs no introduction. Two big companies were operated and run by the technologist Elon Musk. The main perspective of this person was to see the future impact first while developing any kind of technology. And he was well aware of the future growth and significance of Bitcoin, which is why when Tesla declared its result worth $1.5 billion of Bitcoin on their balance sheet. Even if we talk about Twitter, Musk was promoting or was getting trolled about cryptocurrency and its benefits, especially regarding Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Therefore, the success story of Tesla indicates why you should invest in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In addition to that, the world’s best and biggest EV company also indicated that it will soon start accepting cryptocurrency to sell electric vehicles in the present and future.

The Galaxy Digital

It can be considered as the intermediary of organisational words and between cryptocurrencies, it is an investment firm available for platforms that want to invest in their cryptocurrencies. Whereas Galaxy Digital manages others’ money. It is also investing in its Digital assets to earn profit. The co-founder of the company was Mike Novogratz who started their trading business in Toronto, which is popularly known as a hub for crypto investment. In other words, we can say that Galaxy Digital was a prolific supporter of Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies.


Square is another company that has been self-assertive on cryptocurrencies.  The application developed in Cash has made it possible for users to acquire more bitcoin in their wallets. Due to this, the number of users reached 3 million selling and purchasing Bitcoin in 2020. Moreover, in 2020, the public company declared that the worth of Bitcoin is worth $ 50 million. After That in Feb this year, it remain noticed by Square that an additional $170 million worth of Bitcoins remain added every quarter. Twitter also keeps on working significantly on a decentralised version of the social networking site as intimated by Blue Sky.

Marathon Patent Group

You may not be familiar with the name Marathon as it remain publicly traded as MARA.US declared it as the biggest Bitcoin mining space till now. It has traded more than 5,000 BTC collectively. The chairman of the company stated that holding Bitcoin for a long period is a better strategy rather than holding its USD. Other than this there are still other firms who held Bitcoin for a long period such as Argo Blockchain, Riot Blockchain and many such firms. As we can see in favour of Bitcoin, most people remain being more vocal about this currency as compared to using cash. Hence the use of crypto remain not just limited to some reputable firms.

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