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Discover a Better Mode to Prepare for CAPM Certification Online

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Discover a Better Mode to Prepare for CAPM Certification Online

The IT department is one of the leading markets in the field of job recruitments. Due to this, Project Management is also highly in demand. Many candidates want to have their future in the project management field. The project management was developed by the Project Management Institution in the year 1969. This is basically a process that is used by a team that has been leading the work to achieve the goals and meet the success and criteria at a specific time. There are 5 phases of project management, which are conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance or monitoring, and project close. There are many certifications that are linked with Project Management. These certifications have proved to be essential for the employees working in this field. CAPM Certification is one such Certification.

The CAPM Certification stands for the Certified Associate in Project Management. This certification is offered by the Project Management Institute or PMI. A candidate needs to give an exam before pursuing the CAPM certification. The candidate preparing for the examination should undergo formal CAPM training from a registered training organization to pass the exam. Listed below are the main 10 steps that can help a candidate maximize the chance of passing the CAPM examination.

steps to successfully prepare for the CAPM examination

  1. Understanding the Structure and Content of the exam

This is the first step to understand the structure of the exam with all the content that is given in the different chapters of the PMBOK ® book. The new exam is based on the 6th edition of the Project Management Body Of Knowledge book. This is stated from 21st May 2018. The training course of project management is user friendly.

  1. Plan and then prepare for the examination

Personal planning of how to prepare for the examination is the mandatory step that a candidate should take while preparing for the CAPM examination. The first attempt to pass the examination is learning how to apply for Project Management. One should make a proper schedule and given proper time to prepare themselves for the examination.

  1. Careful scheduling of the exam

A candidate should spend initial hours in understanding the pattern and questions that are appearing in the examination as well as know about the level of knowledge one is having regarding project management. The initial planning increases the chances of passing the examination much more than usual.

  1. Purposes of the questions that are appearing

There are almost 150 questions that appear in the CAPM examination, and a total of 3 hours is given to complete the examination. There are 15 questions that are pretest questions that don’t have any score. These questions might confuse the candidates. There is a 10% of chance for pretest questions to appear. Therefore one needs to ignore such questions and concentrate on the other 90% of questions.

  1. Attention to each question

The examinees lose score, especially in the easy questions, because of the rush that they have to complete the questions before time. The time given is pretty plenty for a candidate to solve the questions properly with concentration. Candidates should reach to each question properly. Good practice from the practice exam parts will also help the candidates to pass the exam.

  1. Relying on the strength

A candidate should be relatively stronger in abilities, experience, background, and learning. One should gain confidence that he or she can pass the exam with flying colors. The candidates should answer in such a way that results in building up the strength at the beginning of the practice. One should point out the weakness and strengths while preparing for the examination.

  1. Using the formulas and useful information at the beginning of the exam

The candidates learn formulas while practicing the practice papers. This helps them a lot while giving the examination. The formulas learned by them should be implemented in the examination. The examination centers provide the candidates with a paper and pencil or electronic whiteboard.

  1. Reading and preparing from the PMBOK Book.

The exam prep course, which is available online, is among the easy courses which help the candidates to prepare for the exam. The concepts used are user friendly. The CAPM certification is basically made for those who begin their career in Project Management. This basically focuses on the knowledge of the PMBOK book.

  1. PMI’s CAPM Handbook

This handbook provides some tips which are needed for the CAPM certification examination. This is one of the important books that the candidates should read while preparing for the exam. This helps them to understand various rules and regulations.

  1. Improving the confidence level

The CAPM exam prep training helps to achieve the goals of CAPM certification. These certifications are useful if achieved by a renowned organization. The candidate should aim to score 70% and above and should build confidence in themselves that they can do it. They should maintain the data of performance.

These are some of the points which help a candidate maximize the chances of passing the CAPM examination.

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