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Best Retro Games Of All Time

by Techies Guardian
Best Retro Games Of All Time

Best Retro Games of All Time – Do you remember the days when you used to spend more time at friends’ houses in the name of Group Studies?

We know you used to play video games during those times, right?

Steering your Joystick as if you literally go on to become an FI racer trying to dodge this car…that car…. Red Car for fuel?

Ecstasy crossed the limitless seas at the speed of the light when we had the joystick in our hands!

Remember   Super Mario? Tetris…Ninja….Tank…the old and gold days now become RETRO for today’s kids.

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The article…like a Time Machine will recede back to the great old days of shrieks and sighs…hit and miss…as we go on to discuss the Retrogames.

1. Street Fighter

Capcom production Streetfighter is all about Duel between the  World Worriers and dark characters like Beastman.

The special element of the fight sequences were the exclusive moves by the warriors as well as that of the Villain.

The ultimate objective behind the fight is the victory of evil over good. Remember the special powers that could be released by pressing the joystick….as if you were releasing it then!!

2. Super Mario 64

With Super Mario, we remember the cute grand jump into the tunnels…collecting the canopy tree points. With a collection of canopy points, Mario would strengthen itself.

At one stage Mario is provided with the task of rescuing the Queens from the mouth of a fire erupting Crocodile…It might not be exaggerating to note that Mario taught us to be fit, agile, and responsible at our tasks.

3.  GoldenEye 007

This frame was a  rare Gem at that time…still they have not lost the impact on us. It was a fiery action-packed duel.

The console shooter’s engagement in continuous battle and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat looks interesting and arresting even today.

4. Gran Turismo (1997)

The days were thrilling indeed when you become Gran Turismo. The game is all about speed, control and precision, and the skills of joysticks.

Gran Turismo would start from the 18th Spot and will cover some easy to difficult tracks as the game progresses.

This very game was copied by many other developers but the charm that was extracted from this very game could never be replicated. 

5. Space Invaders

The space invaders were all slaying the opponent with the available bullets. This is one of the most influential games and every single one of us belonging to the generation must have played that game.

Slaying the enemies with the bullets was a great fun activity and pastime during that time. It was interesting indeed!!

6. Fighter II

This was also a fun game where the hero was to slay the villains that come the way. The players in the game were: Guile. Ken, E. Honda, Chun Li, Dhalsim.

There were so many incredible characters that could be chosen from the group. Blanka was the villain in the Game… such an angry dude!!

7. Tetris

This is a game for the cool-headed…the ones who are highly intelligent. The game was mainly played by the ones that are highly constructive in nature.

We picked the NES version of this game because its cover was fantastic. Moreover, the game played a bit of some Mind Games.

Though we did not like the game too much but seen our uncles sitting and playing it was indeed fun.

8. GoldenEye 007

This very game will easily be on any best game list. Here Deathmatches with golden laser guns will fight the odds.

The game was interesting not only because of the fighting scenes but also the characterization.

9. Final Fantasy 7

It’s a Japanese RPG which was really impactful. It is all about ceaseless fights, bouts, and grindings.

The interesting moves, Scenes, Characters, and the most terrifying villains…all appeared within the genre.

The sequences are highly dramatic and they are enough to put anyone off their feet.

10. Shadows of the Colossus

If you listened carefully, you could almost hear the PS2 strains as it struggles to run Fumitl Ueda’s ambitious games.

The protagonist is a wonder in search of beautiful forbidden land that will meet with gigantic obstacles. They are highly colossal indeed.


The video games might have become archaic…retro or whatever you call them…they continue to inspire generations.

Each and every game discussed above had its exclusive features and they are crafted against some deadly themes.

The games mentioned above are highly effective and to the kids of that generation, they are still lively and relevant.

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