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Best Logo Design Apps to Help You Build a Brand

by Techies Guardian
Best Logo Design Apps to Help You Build a Brand

Best Logo Design Apps – If you are dreaming about a successful brand that becomes widespread, then you should have to be focused on designing attractive logos that clearly express your brand concept. This thing will make your brand recognizable and can grab the audience’s attention instantly. In today’s post, we are going to learn about the techniques for making logos and the top best platforms that will help you in building your brand’s identity. Read on, because we have gathered something amazing!

The Best logo designing Apps

A Logo maker app is a program that can enable you to design logos according to your choice directly on your smartphone. Well, they are identical to web logo designers but don’t work on the desktop computer. These apps are accessible on the play stores and can be downloaded easily.

We want to let our readers know that thousands of Apps are breathing on the app stores today, but the point is that not all of them are trustworthy. Yes! It is a complicated situation. That’s why we have already researched and mentioned the reliable Apps in today’s article. If you are interested to learn more, then read on!

Top picks for the year 2020 are listed below!

  • Logo Maker–Free Graphic Design and Logo. Templates.
  • Font Rush.
  • Canva.
  • Logo Maker Plus.
  • Design Evo.

1. Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design and Logo Templates

It is the best logo maker app on the google play store that is most trusted and popular. This logo design app offers some powerful features that can bring ease to your life. It not only designs logos for free but also it can design business cards, monograms, YouTube thumbnails, invitations, and much more. The graphic designing app has cool and eye-catching elements that it offers to its users for free. Nowadays it’s Halloween, and E-Sports templates are trending. Moreover, it offers many other things like themes, fonts styles, backgrounds, 50+ categories, icons, stickers, etc. And also new features are constantly added that make it updated.

However, it is simple and easy to use. No registration and money are required. Just follow the following easy steps and create a logo now: –

  • Download this Logo Maker Android App directly from the play store.
  • Now, open up, and choose your desired category.
  • After that, customize your logo.
  • When you are done, select format and click on the Save button
  • It’s finished! The logo is ready and saved in your device’s collection.

2. Font Rush

It is another excellent online app that can make your work easy. This platform is popular because it is free to use and offers thousands of cool features. It shows off for the 35+ fonts styles, 55+ themes, 100+ colored background, stock images, and much more. It is a logo maker android app that is fast, convenient, free, user-friendly, secure, handy, and amazing. Moreover, it’s working method is also really simple and the same as the logo as mentioned earlier by the maker app.

3. Canva

It is another top logo maker that allows you to build a true face for your brand! This App comes in two, basic ways. One–Import your design from their collections. Second — Blank Page, in which you have to customize the logo according to your wish. Besides this, there appears a bunch of elements that can make the logo gorgeous. It works on the same principle as Font Rush, but the difference is it doesn’t allow any formats. Moreover, it is also known as the name logo maker as it can design beautiful logos by brand names.

4. Logo Maker Plus

So, here comes another logo maker free app that has stolen the hearts of the people in a very short time. It enables the users a complete package of editing and designing. It is totally up to you what kind of shapes, styles, colors, and images should be added to the logo. This App is accessible on every device and works with multifunctional technology. So, it is an interesting app that can fulfill all your brand needs for free in seconds!

5. Design Evo

Last, but not least! DesignEvo is a great app that works best and designs fantastic logos in minutes. It provides 100+ templates, 150+ Fonts, editing tools and building ideas. Evo spots the light on amazing features that have made this site unique from others. Features include adjustable opacity, size, flip, and color effects. Moreover, they have launched new facilities such as a T-shirt designer, Email signature, business cards, letterheads, company walls, etc.

It is a fast and free app that can easily satisfy the newbie. Remember! Open your play store, download this App and start designing your logo for free in minutes!


Your personality makes you your identity. Right? Just like that, a Logo makes a brand’s identity and takes it to the next levels of success! That’s why it is known that behind a successful and famous brand, there is a big hand of a logo. So, what are you wondering about? Design a logo, and reach new heights!

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