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Experience the Euphoria of Racing Down the Roads with 5 Best Arcade Games of All Time

by Techies Guardian
Best Arcade Games of All Time for Virtual Racers

Does driving down the highway at full speed give you an adrenaline rush? Mobile esports like racing arcade games can give you the same rush without police vehicles chasing you down. You can put your foot down on the accelerator and speed up your vehicle without any worries; no one is going to arrest you for breaking traffic rules. All you need to do is drive and win the race.

Once is Never Enough with Arcade Racing Games

The tap-to-play mechanisms are simple to crack, but the levels can be quite difficult. Your chances to win the race are 50-50 and depend on how well you can manoeuvre your vehicle through sudden bends and turns and various obstacles. Nevertheless, the best arcade games are known for their engaging factors. The never-ending race down the track keeps players hooked and entertained for the entire session.

Once is never enough for serious gamers. Arcade racing games can keep you coming back for more! Don’t you believe us? Then, play these arcade games and find out for yourself.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5 Best Arcade Racing Games of All Time

These arcade games are best enjoyed on your smartphone. Just tune in to any free cloud gaming platform and start playing on your mobile browser without downloading.

Why waste time? Let’s dive in –

#1. Crazy Taxi

A legend by its rights, Crazy Taxi, is one of the best arcade games of all time. Everything is crazy about Crazy Taxi, and the thrilling experience is quite exhilarating. Here, players assume the role of a taxi driver who is tasked to deliver passengers to their destinations in the shortest time possible. Since the clock is ticking away at lightning speed, you have to put your foot down on the accelerator and speed through the different challenges. But don’t forget to demonstrate a few of your crazy driving stunts, as they will fetch you additional tips. The game modes last 3-10 minutes, with each mode putting your skills to the actual test. Also, this arcade game offers 2 city maps to drive around and 4 cars and characters to choose from. The simple mechanics are finely tuned to allow gamers an exciting driving experience.

#2. Ridge Racer

This is a 3D racing game where you have stunning vehicles to pick and spectacular city-based tracks to race on. Each vehicle comes with its own unique features, with options to upgrade and customize accordingly. You can pump up the acceleration, brakes, and turbo to gain an edge over other racing cars. Ridge Racer is one of the best arcade games for android that tests your driving skills like none other. The simple touchscreen controls are easy to master, and the outstanding graphics and soundtrack guarantee a euphoric racing experience.

#3. OutRun 2

This arcade game stays true to its nature but offers the same thrill as others on the list. The upgraded version of OutRun added 15 new race tracks based around a New World Theme. Here, the player takes control of the Ferrari wheel and shows off his driving skills to a beautiful lady sitting in the passenger seat. There are 15 stages to cross and different routes to choose from, with multiple forks and bends challenging the car and driver. But the time is ticking away, and you have to speed up to reach the end line. Unlike other arcade racing games, OutRun 2 allows players to demonstrate their driving stunts on request from the passenger.

It is easier to play arcade games online without downloading like the one mentioned here. All you need to do is sign in to any cloud gaming platform and start playing them on your mobile browser for free.

#4. TrackMania Turbo

Another famous arcade game, TrackMania Turbo, has 4 different environments and 4 kinds of gameplay. The developers did a commendable job redesigning the tracks to award players a fun, exciting experience. The intense speed of the racing cars is bound to give you goosebumps. You can feel your heart thumping inside your chest as you maneuver across varying bends and sharp turns while maintaining the space between you and your opponent’s cars. You might not have witnessed car racing in real life; otherwise, you would have agreed – TrackMania is better than actual car races. Here, you can feel the rush as you control the wheel yourself.

We strongly recommend TrackMania Turbo to players who search for an adrenaline drive.

#5. Forza Horizon 4

If any arcade racing game has subdued the fine line between reality and fantasy, it is Forza Horizon 4. The developers have taken this car racing game to a whole new level. The racetracks take you on a whirlwind tour around the UK, with lush green pastures dotted with cottages and castles in the background, adding a delicate touch of reality to the immersive world. The euphoric feeling is contagious, and you cannot escape it, especially when you speed down narrow public roads, kicking up autumn leaves or the gigantic snow rally that plays tricks with your manoeuvring skills. But then, there are obstacles and hurdles to overcome, and coins keep getting added to your total score.

Moreover, you can loop in two or more friends, enjoy a ride around the countryside, and win prizes for completing goals. Fancy cars and larger-than-life background images coupled with an outstanding soundtrack are enough to give players a real car racing experience. Are you ready? Then, do add Forza Horizon 4 to your playlist.

Which Arcade Racing Game are You Playing Today?

Arcade games have never lost their popularity, and it is highly unlikely they will, especially the car racing games. What can be closer to experiencing the rush of speeding a car down the road than arcade racing games? We can’t speak for the serious drivers out there, but for amateurs and non-drivers like us, these famous arcade games are our only refuge. If you are one of us, play these fun online games – you will understand what we meant. These games are great for skilled drivers to enjoy the same rush you experience driving in real life. One of the reasons players from 18-60 years of age find arcade racing games so engaging and fun.

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