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How AI Revolutionized Service Desk Operations

by zeeh
AI Revolutionized Service Desk

 AI Revolutionized Service Desk : During its short existence, artificial intelligence has had a major impact on customer service and service desk operations. By relying on this technology, you reduce human error and scale internal processes while maximizing efficiency.

However, the fact that AI makes your service desk better doesn’t mean it’s always the right solution. The technology comes with its fair share of risk, which we’ll break down in this article. Read this post to learn about the benefits and challenges of an intelligent service desk.

What Is an AI Service Desk?

AI service, or help desk, is a term we use for employees handling user’s inquiries. This department is integral for a superb customer experience, serving as a connective tissue between the company and eternal entities.

Back in the day, the entire process was manual. You would call a help desk, and a person on the other side would provide an answer based on their knowledge of the subject. With the introduction of AI systems, companies’ employees can now solve tickets by relying on large databases and sophisticated software.

There are numerous ways to utilize AI for your help desk. The three most common methods include:

1.     Automation Software

The person behind the desk relies on various tools to handle incoming requests. These system categorize incoming tickets, helping us prioritize the ones that are most urgent.

Furthermore, this software comes with predictive analytics, which determines what kind of assistance our clients will require in the future. Automated programs also measure customer’s experience with the company, data which can be used to improve products, operations, and the service desk performance.

2.     Chatbot Solutions

Nowadays, businesses are doing their best to reroute as many inquiries toward chatbots. Instead of wasting employees’ time, this software tackles easier questions. That way, your staff will have more time to focus on complex tickets.

3.     Agent Assist Tools

Agent assist tools are a subcategory of automation software. These programs are specifically made to help your team in real time by improving responses and tracking various tickets.

AI Service Desk Benefits

The AI help desk provides numerous benefits to your business:

  • Faster Responses: These systems tackle most tickets themselves, providing instantaneous answers to clients’ questions. Alternatively, artificial intelligence software automates certain tasks for employees or helps them browse answers to tough questions.
  • Writing Assistance: Some of the help desk employees aren’t that great with words. With AI, they overcome this barrier and provide more succinct, more polite answers to various questions. The software may even tap into the database to extract valuable insights.
  • Scaling: Unlike humans, chatbots handle numerous tickets simultaneously. Whether they’re serving one person or a thousand, the users will always get the same quality of service. The best thing yet is that this feature doesn’t come with added costs.
  • Data-Driven Insights: As with many other systems and software, artificial intelligence processes vast amounts of data within milliseconds. You gain valuable real-time insights into customer behavior, feedback, sentiment scores, common issues, and potential improvements.
  • Automation: On top of everything mentioned so far, AI service desk tools are able to automate some of the most tedious tasks. Company employees can prepare templates and answers that will pop up whenever a user asks certain questions. Automation also assists with reports, conversation summarization, and similar tasks.
  • Constant Coverage: Unlike humans, AI works around the clock. It assists customers regardless of their time zone, which can exponentially improve the company’s reputation and trust.

It’s worth noting that while all these benefits are amazing in their own right, that doesn’t mean that every tool provides the same functionality. Furthermore, there are still tasks that only humans can perform. Because of that, you should always combine human and robotic work in your service desk operations.

Implementing AI Service Desk

Most companies rush to implement AI service desk solutions as they look forward to their benefits. However, if you wish to do things the right way, you’ll need to plan things ahead of time.

First, you have to decide which AI tools are most suitable for your business and industry. To do so, you must assess your current needs and align them with the available market solutions. Perform a comprehensive analysis of current vendors, evaluating their reputation, online scores, prices, and other factors.

Once you have chosen the right software, you have to prepare your staff for implementation. Keep in mind that some people might struggle using this software and its features. Because of that, you’ll likely need a few extra months until full integration.

Training Your Employees

Experience and understanding of these tools can severely limit their usefulness. This is why employee training is vital for AI service desk software integration.

We suggest you start by training a few staff members, ideally those who are tech savvy. They should share their knowledge with the rest of the team, slowly onboarding them. Alternatively, you can train the entire team at the same time and provide floor support in the following few weeks.

You might wish to retrain your train staff whenever a big, new update rolls out. You also shouldn’t forget about integrations; most of these tools shine when combined with other software. All that being said, integrating AI service desk solutions is a continuous process that doesn’t stop after the initial training.

Risks Related to the AI Service Desk

Although AI software provides numerous advantages to service desks, it also comes with a fair share of issues. Perhaps the biggest one comes in the form of errors. Similar to humans, AI isn’t perfect and will make mistakes from time to time due to data bias and incompleteness.

Furthermore, AI technology can’t fully replace humans. This is especially noticeable when it comes to complex tickets or tasks that require empiric input. Among others, humans provide users with a real emotion, something that robots can’t replicate.

AI systems can be hacked, exposing users’ data to attackers. The good news is that this kind of threat can be circumvented with proper cybersecurity measures.

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