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In the world of programming, you might come across many errors, and you might also see a mysterious error code if your answer is yes! Don’t worry; we will tell you how to solve this error. This error mainly occurs when the machine is disconnected from the “Localhost server.” In this article, we will explain each and every error you see during the development process: “Disconnected from the target VM, address:”.

What Exactly is is an interesting combination of an Internet Protocol address and a port number, which is displayed on your screen if the debugger could not reach the target machine port (it is a computer program that helps developers or programmers to track and monitor the execution of their code in the local machine). Let’s divide this code into two parts to understand it in a more better way.  it is an IP address which is known as localhost or loopback address. The IP address is accessible when the server runs on your local machine. This IP address is reserved for loopback purposes and is not used to connect with other devices like an actual IP address.

62893:- It is a port number that acts like a doorway for different apps to send and receive data from the local machine to the local server. The port code is not the same for everyone

More about is an interesting combination of an IP address and a port number. Let’s break it down:

    • This numerical sequence represents the loopback address, also known as localhost. It’s a unique IP address that refers to the machine itself. In simpler terms, it’s like a computer pointing to itself within a network.
    • When you encounter, you’re referring to your device.
  2. 62893:
    • This number represents a port.
    • Ports act as designated gateways on a computer, each responsible for handling specific types of communication.
    • Different applications and services utilize different ports to send and receive data efficiently.

Where do we find

Now, let’s explore the potential applications of

  1. Remote Debugging with Visual Studio Code:
    • Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a popular development environment, often uses port 62893 for remote debugging.
    • Initiating remote debugging within VS Code establishes a connection to the target machine on this specific port. This allows you to inspect and manipulate code execution remotely.
  2. Web Development Tools and Frameworks:
    • Several web development frameworks and tools, such as Django and Flask, might leverage port 62893 during development processes.
    • These frameworks often employ built-in development servers that run on this port, facilitating local testing and debugging of web applications before deployment.
  3. Other Potential Uses:
    • While the aforementioned applications are common scenarios, port 62893 could be used by other software or custom applications depending on their configurations.

How to Solve

If you encounter error messages related to, here are some common culprits and potential solutions:

  • Common Error Message:
    • “Disconnected from the target VM, address:”: This error often arises during remote debugging attempts within VS Code. It typically indicates that the debugger couldn’t successfully connect to the target machine on the designated port.
  • Other Error Scenarios:
    • You might encounter various error messages depending on the specific software or context.
  • Potential Solutions:
    • Version Compatibility Issues: Ensure compatibility between the software utilizing port 62893 and any related tools or extensions.

In summary, combines the loopback address with a specific port, making it a valuable component for developers and tech-savvy users in various scenarios.


In summary, the error code often appears during the development process, indicating a disconnection from the local server, specifically in remote debugging scenarios. This code combines the loopback IP address ( with a port number (62893), crucial for internal communication within your machine. The loopback address allows the computer to refer to itself, while the port number acts as a gateway for data exchange.

Understanding the significance of helps developers troubleshoot common issues in tools like Visual Studio Code, web development frameworks, and other software using this port for local testing and debugging. When encountering errors related to this address and port, checking for version compatibility and ensuring a stable connection between the debugger and the target machine can often resolve the issues.

By breaking down the components and potential uses of, developers can better navigate and address the challenges they face during the development process, ensuring smoother and more efficient coding and debugging experiences.

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