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About Vps / Vds Servers With A Big Storage, For Big Projects

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About Vps/Vds Servers With A Big Storage, For Big Projects

VPS/VDS servers are the best option for realizing your most promising projects, because the use of such a resource is really convenient and economical. It is also an opportunity to pay primary attention to the development of the resource without being distracted by the technical details of its support.

The best option for both website developers and large business projects will be to use not simple VPS/VDS, but options with a large disk storage. In this way, you can not only actively develop the site in any functionality, but also save all important data in full. After all, it should always be assumed that an increase in the popularity of any platform entails an increase in visitors on it, and this is a significant load on the server. And it should be ready for it.

Options for services with a large amount of memory

The best providers are always ready to offer different service delivery options in order to best meet the needs of customers. Especially for those who prepare in advance for development and expansion and need a VPS with a large disk space that can provide enough space to store files.

A VPS/VDS with a large disk from ZOMRO is quite popular, because it is specially designed for tasks with maximum needs.

What users can get:

  • consistently high speed of work;
  • a lot of space for placing important data, at least 100Gb SSD;
  • for convenience and efficiency – more than 2048 Mb of RAM;
  • high level of security of each process, because any confidential information is under multi-level protection, files are regularly backed up, and the server is located in a modern data center.

What is really very convenient – in ZOMRO you can choose the appropriate operating system from a wide range of popular Linux and Windows Server distributions. The company will always help not only with the setting of each parameter, but also with the selection of optimal functions for the best functioning of the resource.

What users can get

Why should you choose ZOMRO?

Before offering users a wide range of tariffs, the company conducted a thorough market research about customer needs, so now it actually knows what they usually want:

  • domain usage term from one year;
  • for additional protection, SSL certificates are offered for each site;
  • if necessary, all the necessary assistance in transferring the site to the server can be provided;
  • several levels of service priority;
  • modern 24-hour support service, functional and efficient;
  • guaranteed dedicated resources of high performance, which are enough for all the most ambitious ideas.

And, of course, the highest level of security, which is constantly developed and updated to protect each site from unauthorized intervention.

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