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4 Coolest Google Gadgets for Your Home

by Techies Guardian
4 Coolest Google Gadgets for Your Home

Coolest Google Gadgets for Your Home – We often look for a reason to spruce up our homes with more improvements, or repairs and sometimes even a complete overhaul.  Maybe the next time you think about adding a little spice, you could consider adding some cool tech around the house. Yes, we are talking about some of the smartest products by Google.

Introducing the latest innovations in smart home technology, Our blog post delves into the realm of convenience and connectivity with a focus on four of the coolest Google gadgets for your home. From seamlessly integrated assistants to cutting-edge security solutions, discover how these gadgets are revolutionizing home automation. Join us on Home Controls Blog as we explore the potential of these innovative devices and embark on a journey towards a smarter, more connected living space.

Google was merely the world’s best search engine till a certain point in time, after which it started to venture into producing its own products and software. At present, some of Google’s products stand at par with the biggest names of respective industries such as its smartphone, which is in tough competition with Apple and Samsung smartphones.

The company has also entered into the smart home industry and has rolled out several products over the last few years, some of which would be pretty great additions to your home.

We’ve narrowed down 4 most useful gadgets that are suitable to every kind of household:

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point

Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point is the perfect duo to solve all your internet connectivity and range issues. Together, these two devices can cover an area of 3800 square feet, with full signals in every corner of. The best part is that they can support up to 200 devices at a time!

You can manage Nest Router and Nest Point through the Google Home app that you can easily  download onto your smartphones and tablets. An additional benefit of having Nest Point is that this device has a built-in speaker and it also features Google Assistant. That means, Nest Point can also serve as a Voice assistant for your home.

Make sure to complement these devices with a good internet service provider. You can find some good packages through Ohio Edison Electric.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Home owners should seriously start consider investing in smart thermostats. They are energy-efficient, which basically means they save energy, and simultaneously cut down on utility bills.

Nest Learning Thermostat works exactly like its name suggests; it learns temperature settings overtime that are suitable for a house and programs itself accordingly. Nest Thermostat even automatically adjusts itself when it doesn’t detect anybody at home, in order to avoid wastage of energy consumption. It even features an eco-friendly mode that is signified by a leaf symbol. When that symbol appears on the thermostat, it means your device is functioning in an energy-efficient way. It works by connecting through Wi-Fi and you can control it from your phones, tablets, and even laptops or PC.

Google Nest Cam

Google Nest Cams are available in two variants: Indoor and Outdoor. These are one of the best smart Cameras out there, and available at very reasonable prices.

You can access Nest Cam video feeds straight from your smartphone, tablets and laptops via the Nest App, and that too in HD quality with night vision. With this app, you can also control cameras and view previous footage as well. Nest Cams feature two-way audio for people to converse easily from both ends of the camera. They also support motion sensors that send you alerts straight to your phone if the cameras detect any movement or sound within 130 degree angle view.

With an additional subscription to Google Nest Aware, users can upgrade to more advanced features such as recording video feed on Cloud for storage.

Google Nest Home Mini Smart Speaker

One of Google’s latest products, Nest Mini is a second generation smart speaker that is primarily a Voice Assistant as it features Google Assistant.

The Nest Mini is compatible with other smart home and Wi-Fi enabled devices. Don’t want to get up and turn off the lights? Want to play some music while you cook? Just call out “Hey Google!” It’s a very convenient device to have around the house, more so when there are other Smart Home devices present. Its small, sleek design can fit into any aesthetic. Leave it on the coffee table, kitchen counter top, or even mount it on a wall—It’ll look great anywhere.

Make your lives convenient

These are some of the smart devices that you can install in your homes. You can start with these, so you don’t get overwhelmed in the process. They are simple, useful and easy to install.

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