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How to Take Wi-Fi to Another Floor and Have Good Speed

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How to Take Wi-Fi to Another Floor and Have Good Speed | 2020

Most of our connections today take place over wireless networks. We have many devices that connect via Wi-Fi. However, keep in mind that we are limited to the coverage they have. This can be a problem if we connect away from the router. In this piece of writing or article, we will explain how to bring Wi-Fi to another floor and maintain good Internet speed.

Wireless Networks, Very Present in Our Homes

As we say, having a wireless connection is something that is increasingly present in our day to day. The rise of mobile devices, of IoT devices, means that we need to have new tools, new equipment to help us improve the speed, quality, and stability of the connection.

The problem is that sometimes there are obstacles that prevent everything from going as we would like. Especially the distance, the walls, and walls can influence that the connection is fluid or, on the contrary, we have cuts and the dreaded loss of speed.

Luckily we can use different equipment to improve wireless or Wi-Fi coverage. We are going to mention how to bring Wi-Fi from one floor to another when we live in a two-story house, and we want the connection to be good on both floors.

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How to Have Internet on Two Floors of a House

We all want the Internet connection to reach every corner of our home. However, when we talk about a two-story house, this can be a bigger problem. We could run into the inconvenience of the walls that affect the coverage. But all is not lost, as we will see.

Use PLC to Have Internet Throughout the House

A very interesting option to have Internet(Wi-Fi) at any point in the house, even on another floor, is to use PLC devices. As we know, these are two pieces of equipment, one of which is connected to the router and electricity, while the other is connected to another place in the house, to electricity.

The Internet connection goes through the electrical network. This is positive since it takes advantage of the wiring to avoid loss of speed and to be able to (reach)arrive at more remote areas of the house without having to use the wireless network.

There are different types of PLC and some work only offering a wireless connection, while others may also have an Ethernet port. We must choose the one that interests us the most since there are some computers that only work by cable or only by Wi-Fi.

The loss of signal is much less if we compare it with other equipment, such as repeaters or amplifiers. Therefore it is a very interesting solution to bring Wi-Fi to another floor.

Wi-Fi Repeaters

An alternative is the classic Wi-Fi repeaters. Fundamentally what they do is connect to the router, and through that equipment, repeat the signal to other devices. Logically we will always lose Internet speed, but it will be better than connecting directly to the router from a greater distance.

They are indicated to improve coverage in households, although it is true that sometimes they are not enough. We have to make sure that it really is going to improve the connection, and it is not going to be a useless investment.

There are also repeaters that only have wireless connectivity, while others also offer the possibility of connecting by cable.

Buy a More Powerful Router or Relocate it

Of course, we will always have the option of acquiring a new router. There are devices that are more powerful that can offer a connection with better quality regardless of the distance. For this reason, we can choose to purchase equipment that has external antennas and is of a higher power.

Alternatively, we must also ensure that the router is positioned correctly. Ideally, it should be as close as possible to where we are going to connect. We always say that the good idea is to place it in a central position in the house. Now, if we want to make the connection to another plant, perhaps we should orient the position so that it better reaches the places on that second floor where we are going to connect. For example, put it just below a room instead of in a room much more distant.

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Consider the use of cable

A final option, although it may not be the same for many users, is to use cable. Basically, it consists of preparing our home with LAN cables to be able to connect from another floor.

Logically this is going to need a series of infrastructures and configurations. It is not as simple as using PLC devices or repeaters, for example.

In Conclusion, these are some options that we have to have Wi-Fi on two floors of the house. We can improve the connection and that the Internet speed goes well.

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