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When Does CBD Oil Expire?

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When Does CBD Oil Expire

When Does CBD Oil Expire? – Many of us consume CBD oil due to its therapeutic health benefits. The CBD industry has grown enormously in recent years and is attracting many people. Soon after the illicit use of cannabis, people tend to use CBD products for general wellness and definite health conditions.

If you are using a few CBD oil drops a day, it will take a month or more before using up the entire bottle. It might leave you asking yourself, Does CBD oil expires, or when does CBD oil lapse.

Typically, CBD oil’s shelf life is 1 – 2 years. Like most good things, cannabidiol oil does expire. Here is a closer look at CBD legibility, what affects the CBD oil’s shelf life, and how to keep CBD oil fresh.

CBD Oil Shelf Life

How long your favorite CBD oil lasts depends upon multiple factors, from the quality of ingredients to how you store it. Here are some factors to consider that help you choose a product that will last long.

1. CBD Oil Quality

High-quality CBD oil can be expensive and tend to last longer. The factors that determine the quality of products are:

  • Growing condition of hemp
  • Quality of plant
  • Quality of ingredients

2. Ingredients

The components of CBD oil only not determine the efficacy but also the longevity. To check the lasting power of the product, make sure to read the label and certification of analysis – COA.

3. Extraction methods

The carbon dioxide extraction method is a gold standard that maximizes the level of CBD. There are many CBD brands like CBDistillery that use a CO2 extraction process.

Indicators of CBD oil expiration

Usually, the label of the CBD oil bottle shows the expiration date. Sometimes product labels fall off, or you may not have time to read the fine print of expiration. Well, do not sweat; you can use your senses to check the expiry signs.

  • It smells funky – when the earthy smell of CBD oil fade away, and it turns skunky, it means the oil is not suitable for use.
  • It becomes thick & murky – thickness and darkness at room temperature is an indicator of degradation.
  • It tastes rancid – the terpene profile flavors the CBD oil as earthy, nutty, grassy, and more. The expired CBD oil will taste off as other oils have in better days.

Will Expired CBD oil make you sick?

Not probably! CBD oil will not make you sick. However, after expiration, the effectiveness of CBD oil will not remain the same as before. With time, cannabinoids start degradation and lose their potencies. Using expired CBD oil means that you cannot get the therapeutic health benefits of the product.

How to store CBD oil?

If you want to preserve the potency and freshness of your favourite CBD oil, make sure to maintain the oxygen, light, and temperature.

  • Keep CBD oil in its original packaging.
  • Store oil at room temperature.
  • Store the CBD oil in a dark place away from light.
  • Keep oil away from potential sources of excess heat or cold.
  • Use a clean dropper or spoon every time you take CBD oil.
  • Always make sure to close the bottle after use to keep air out.

If you are worried about CBD oil expiration, you can choose CBD capsules for your well-being.

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