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A Complete Guide on How to Hire a Web Designer?

by Techies Guardian
A Complete Guide on How to Hire a Web Designer

Web Designer – Are you thinking of taking your business to the next level and don’t know how? Perhaps you are thinking of setting up your digital business from scratch; Or maybe you already have a blog or a web page where you sell your services or products and it is not working as expected.

If you are at this point, the time has come to hire a web designer; but first you have to be prepared. There are certain things you should work on before hiring a designer:

What is web design?

Web design includes the design, structure and user guidance of websites. The desired visual message and the design of the company should be implemented. In a narrower sense, web design describes the website design and the technical implementation of a website in accordance with the company’s communication goals and specifications (CD/CI). In doing so, drafts and design templates should be converted into a template using suitable technologies, which can be filled with content.

Mobile compatibility, i.e. the adaptation of the web design to different devices and screen resolutions, has now also become the standard. This is known as responsive design .

Skills and Qualifications of a Web Designer

As a web-designer, if you want to be a successful in web design firm you have to be communicative, approach new customers and constantly educate yourself in the rapidly changing technical world. Technical expertise on topics such as coding, content management systems or special technologies such as source code editing or accessible websites are very important. Some web designers focus their work particularly on the graphic-aesthetic area and pass on the technical functionalities to specialists.

In addition to sound technical knowledge of website design and a creative streak, some soft skills in close customer contact are also an advantage. Web designers should be able to work both in a team and alone, organize their work well and meet deadlines. Listed below are some web designer qualifications and skills:

  • High social skills and sensitivity to implement customer requests
  • High level of creativity and design/aesthetic skills
  • Structured and efficient way of working
  • Ability to work under time pressure
  • High degree of self-organization
  • teamwork

Web designer salary expectations

According to Indeed’s salary comparison , a web designer earns an average of 13.31usd per hour . However, salary may vary depending on region, education, work experience and industry.

How to Hire a Web Designer

What to do before hiring a web designer

Here is the list of few things to do before Hiring a Web-designer for your Company:

  1. Investigate:

Search the Internet for web pages that you like, make notes with what you like about each of them. Some you will like for their style, others for the way they are organized and others because they have a functionality that you see useful for your business. Write it all down because it will serve as a guide for your designer.

  1. Buy your domain + hosting .

As obvious as it may seem, I get clients every day wanting to start their website without a domain or hosting to work with. Many ask me about which hosting to choose and I always recommend Namecheap, GoDaddy and bluehost.

After buying the domain, make sure that you give all the necessary domain and hosting information to the designer so that he can work without any problem on your website.

  1. Prepare your professional photos:

They will serve the designer to turn your web page into a showcase that attracts and conquers visitors. Remember: a good design is useless if the photos are lousy. An image or a video is much more attractive than a long text. So take photos of yourself, your products or even photos that explain your services. Always use high-resolution photos and be careful not to take photos from the Internet without the author’s permission! Be original and above all trust professionals. A few bad photos can ruin the best designed website in the world. Do not skimp on expenses because it will be a vital part of your corporate image.

  1. Think about what tabs you need:

If it’s a personal branding website, you’ll need basic tabs like home, about me, work with me, contact, and blog. If you have a store you should add product categories to facilitate the search. I recommend you watch masterclasses on internet, where they explain what the basic tabs are and what cannot be missing in each of them. Super practice!

  1. Be concise and concrete in your texts .

Apart from some good images, you have to write text and you must do it in a very concrete and concise way. You must introduce yourself and your products or services. You should not leave this to the designers, because surely they do not know you and are not able to tell the story behind your dream. It is very important that you do this task yourself.

  1. Your social networks must be created.

Send your designer a list with all the social networks to add to the web page. It is important that you move like a fish in water through social networks and that you get more and more traffic between your networks and your website.


If you follow all these phases you will make the designer you hire feel more comfortable working with you and the communication will be more positive. Surely both of you will row in the same direction to achieve the dream that you have been chasing for so long.

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