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Check Out 6 Ways to Ensure Security in Cloud Computing

by Techies Guardian
Security in Cloud Computing

The value and importance of data for companies today have placed a great responsibility on IT managers to ensure security in cloud computing. This moment is both(together) a challenge and an opportunity for professionals in the sector to stand out and consolidate their companies in the future of digital transformation. Want to know how you can bring that peace of mind and efficiency to your systems? We have prepared six tips to get started!

1. Understand Why to Prioritize Security in Cloud Computing

The foremost or first step in this process is to get a real sense of the relevance of your strategic role within the company from now on. Secure data management is capable of providing a market view. A more meaningful relationship with the public, and a better positioning among competitors.

But it is because of this power that business data increasingly becomes the target of external threats. In addition to having its performance limited by its misuse internally.

The compromise of information, in addition to tarnishing the image of a company and hindering productivity, will also become a crime subject to heavy punishments with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Law, known as LGPD.

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2. Choose a Good Cloud Provider

Of course, choosing the service that will support the company’s cloud computing makes a lot of difference. So try to balance your IT budget capacity with the best possible return. Fortunately, today there are several consolidated solutions, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, which offer robustness, security, and performance at affordable prices.

3. Improve Asset and Process Governance

We want to reinforce a very important point: most of the loopholes and security risks related to the cloud are not in your provider, but in the way these resources are implemented and used.

Therefore, it is time to train employees, create usage and governance policies, and carry out continuous monitoring so that you have control over your entire cloud infrastructure.

It is also interesting not to lose attention on your physical IT infrastructure, which can serve as an opportunity for criminals. Poorly managed internal servers, routers, and endpoints can leave even the most secure cloud vulnerable.

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4. Bet on Automatic Backups

There is not at all such thing as a foolproof system. So the success of a cloud strategy is linked to the ability of IT to recover quickly, with its system available most of the time. Automated backups ensure the recovery of compromised information without the need to spend staff time and effort.

5. Ensure Encryption

Most cloud services and remote servers today have end-to-end encryption. However, it is worth researching further if the solution you are investing in offers this functionality.

Encryption makes it impossible to read files intercepted between the sender and recipient even though they can be accessed. In addition to a powerful protection tool, it is the peace of mind that a company needs to work with remote productivity.

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6. Get Expert Help in Technology Management

Even if cloud services have all possible support for the management and use of these platforms. It is always fine to have a partnership specialized in IT management.

It is a way not only to keep the system safe but also to improve its implementation and use. In addition to making the most of the return on this investment – betting on optimization, automation, efficiency, and intelligence.

With a good cloud service, expert help, and management that prioritizes data protection, you have everything to ensure security in cloud computing in the company. It’s time to start this transformation!

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