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What Video Games Say About the Future?

by Techies Guardian
What Video Games Say About the Future

What Video Games Say About the Future? – It’s no secret that games have reimagined certain things to make for interesting titles. As an example, you have the Wolfenstein series that lets you fight the Germans after they’ve won WWII. But games, especially futuristic ones, will give you glimpses at possible futures. We are moving forward, but we’re not sure if we’re taking the right path. And consequences must be considered. So, if you’re ever wondering about the future then these are some possible scenarios, according to games:

Nuclear Fallout

The entire fallout franchise is showing players what would come to be if we experienced a nuclear fallout. The lucky ones that got to live in Vaults can choose not to go out in the real world. But there are those that managed to survive it and now they’re looking to thrive. People are at each other’s throats and it’s pretty difficult to survive on your own. Keeping to groups is your best bet as you travel from city to city to get resources.

Even Las Vegas gets hit in the New Vegas title. But some people take the time to rebuild everything, even some of the casinos. Nowadays, casinos are mostly online as fans go from site to site looking for the best offer. Fans can check out casino bonus UK offers regardless of which country they’re from. They can enjoy table and slot titles, but the important thing is to know when to stop. Enjoying these sites responsibly is the way to go. In addition you can also play online casino at free canadian slots.

Paying the Price for Tech Advancements

Technology has made our lives easier, but can we go far with technology? There are several video games that explore this theme. Bioshock and Observer are 2 such titles and they show us the dystopias that can come to be if we’re not careful. In the first game, we see that we can build cities with technology as Rapture is an underwater city. Scientists are given free rein under the watchful eye of Andrew Ryan, and the place is overrun by chaos. At the end of the game, you manage to destroy the city and escape or sink with it depending on your choices.

Then there’s the Observer. In this game, the world has a final war and the Chiron Corporation takes over after it. People and machines merge to give rise to the next step of evolution. People need chips and other enhancements just to get a job and the ones that look for a way to earn via illegal ways get to deal with Observers. They are the watchful eyes of the system and you take the role of an Observer. You can enter the mind of the deceased to see how they died and you get to traverse through their memories. It’s a chilling thought as we yield more and more privacy to social networks. Observer gives us a possible future if we don’t advance technology the right way.

Meeting New Species

We might not be alone in this world as some experts think. So, what happens if we meet another species? Will they be friendly as the Tau or will they be unfriendly as the Zerg in Starcraft? Will we be able to communicate with them if they’re more advanced than us? These are questions that need serious thought, and the glimpses through video games are only possible answers.

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