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Why We Should Use A Data Warehouse Service For Business

by Techies Guardian
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Use Data Warehouse – As a start-up, the amount of data you need to house may be moderate. However, as your business info and number of employees increase, your regular database will naturally become slow in processing queries and tasks – this is where this consulting comes in handy.

Unlike other databases, a data warehouse can handle huge data volumes. This database unifies all your data into one location such that you can easily sort, filter, aggregate, and analyze info within your company for a better understanding of your business performance.

An Overview of Data Warehouse Consulting

It allows a business to collect data from different sources and store it systematically for easy analysis. Before settling for just any data warehouse consulting firm, you should understand the data you handle in your business. Here are examples of data warehousing that a consulting firm handles:

  • Network traffic logs
  • Business transaction data
  • Operating systems and application logs
  • Authorization requests and authentication logs
  • Data from CD and CI operations

Why Companies Should Consider Data Warehouse Consulting

Upon understanding the data you are dealing with, the next step should comprise it consulting for the best data warehouse for your business. Your consultant will help you settle on a this warehouse and enjoy the following benefits.

Integration Of Data From Different Sources

As stated earlier, your business data is scattered in different applications. While each app is valuable, tracking, analysis, and data interpretation will be challenging, hence the need for data warehouse consulting to unify your info in a reliable system.

Data Continuity And Accuracy

An up to date information about a facet of your business is valuable, but this only shows a part of the picture. Management often relies on historical data for organizational changes over time. These insights enable them to make more informed decisions and strategies. Historical data also ensures organizational preparedness through trend-based predictions. Through a data warehouse, you will store and access large data over time through a few queries.

Easy Data Analysis

By leveraging a data warehouse, you no longer need to worry about the long hours of pulling your data from independent sources. For instance, a this system will employ the Snowflake computing method for faster data ingestion and give real-time analytics.

Through this system, you will also generate your reports faster and more efficiently and use the Fact and Dimension tables to summarize your data using visualization tools like Mode and Tableau.

Creation Of A Single Truth Source

Employees and departments have different terms for different metrics. Such differences also exist in applications that input names differently into the system. Through data warehouse consulting, you can access a single system with consistent naming, no matter the app it came from.

Get A Data-Warehousing For Your Business Today

If you are a start-up or medium business that wants to graduate to actionable insights with just a click of a mouse, then data warehouse is for you. Through a by this, you will move from unreliable multiple sources to a secure system offering a single truth source and allowing easy analytics. This way, you can improve the quality of your decisions for a more profitable business.

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