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Unlocking the Power of IT Virtualisation for Your Business

by Techies Guardian
Unlocking the Power of IT Virtualisation for Your Business

Virtualisation – When we think of networking and storage solutions, we typically think of physical servers located somewhere in the world. These servers perform many functions, including enabling the use of cloud software. However, businesses can also turn to IT virtualisation for similar functionality.

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation entails the creation of a virtual version of an IT resource or device. When discussing this topic, many people think of it as using virtual machines (VMs) where a physical machine, be it a computer or server, hosts multiple VMs all running different operating systems and software implementations.

Virtualisation has evolved in the past few decades, and it is now used in different data centre applications beyond hosting VMs. To unlock this technology’s potential and power, you should know how to set it up.

Have a Clear Strategy, Then Choose the Right Hypervisor

The first step in leveraging virtualisation in your business is to outline your goals and objectives, after which you need to assess your current IT implementation and environment. Your goals and objectives might be to ensure robust workspaces for remote workers, increase shared storage space, or to streamline your networking implementation. Your current implementation includes your servers and how they are currently using them for different business processes.

A hypervisor or virtual machine monitor is software that helps businesses and individuals create, run and manage VMs. It allows a single machine to support guest machines to share resources like processing and memory.

The right option should meet specific business requirements, such as security and scalability, while being compatible with your existing infrastructure.

Plan Resource Allocation

Every VM will need different resources depending on what you will use it for. Start by ensuring that the main machine has enough storage, memory, and CPU for the VMs you want to install. Next, plan how different VMs will use the available resources.

It is vital to check that your allocation is not more than the machine has available, unless it is flexible, and you plan on adding options like more storage and memory later.

Ensure Proper Network Design

The virtual network architecture should support the security and isolation of all VMs. A robust implementation will ensure secure data sharing, effective operations, smooth operations and impressive performance.

Whether you are a small or large business, it is best to let network design experts handle this. The experts at soVision IT have decades of combined experience implementing robust network design for businesses, and are an excellent option for ensuring security, scalability, and that the network meets business needs.

Manage Machine Images and Monitor Performance

To ensure consistency and minimise downtime, establish a process for creating, updating, and storing virtual machine images. Additionally, implementing tools to monitor virtual machine performance and resource utilisation will help ensure your virtual environment is running smoothly and continues to do so.

Train Your Personnel

Training your IT personnel and ensuring they learn best practices will arm them with the skills and knowledge they need to keep the virtual environment running as expected and manage it efficiently.

Virtualisation is a powerful technology for businesses as it allows an efficient, flexible, secure and reliable use of available resources. It can help them reduce costs, ensure rapid scalability and improve security, all while ensuring high-level availability of the IT resources your employees need.

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