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Tips to excel in class 9 maths Olympiad exams

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Tips to excel in class 9 maths Olympiad exams

Tips to excel in class 9 maths Olympiad exams – Mathematics creates a range of reactions. Though some of you may be completely charmed with it, the majority of you are typically anxious to get away from it. But I’ve met a lot of kids who are fascinated by math and are extremely good at it. All Math kid aficionados should compete in national math competitions to enhance their talents. After all, you must be able to recognise your topic competence, as well as your strengths and flaws.

Math Olympiad is among the top Olympiads to participate in, and it will undoubtedly benefit an individual’s career later in life. Every youngster is viewed as a champion in the eyes of the Olympiad organization. It believes in inspiring all of its competitors; thus, it gives out a variety of fascinating prizes to pupils. To be eligible for these awards, you must see the organization’s requirements for particular ranks. and considered for the International Math Olympiad (IMO), one must place their rank within the top 30 in the Indian Math Olympiad. Thus, to succeed in today’s competitive environment, the best preparation is required. The preparation must be well-structured and systematised, and it is preferable to have someone who assists you.

You have come to the right place if you’re unsure how to prepare for Olympiads. Continue reading to learn about preparatory advice, best practices, and the advantages of Olympiads.

When you have plenty of time to study, here are some beneficial advice

1. Know your syllabi:

I know what you’re thinking right now. Who doesn’t understand the importance of being well-versed in one’s examination syllabus? This is certainly relevant when you prepare for the Olympiad.  Make sure you know all there is about know regarding each topic. You might expect questions based on the NCERT syllabus for class 9.

Syllabus of class 9
Number system
Coordinate geometry
Linear equations
Areas of parallelogram
Hero’s formula
Lines and angles


Know the exam pattern:

All Olympiad exam patterns must be followed by all candidates. This will provide them with an plan of the test and give them an understanding of each area of the paper. Children will be given assistance in preparing for the various sections of the test based on the marks assigned to each section. The exam pattern is given below.

  No. of questions Marks
Section 1 Logical reasoning 15 15
Section 2 Mathematical science 20 20
Section 3 Everyday mathematics 10 10
Section 4 Achiever section 05 15


3. Manage your time effectively:

You have a lot on your plate, from Coordinate Geometry to Trigonometry, Probability, and also, other subjects. Your chances of passing this exam will improve if you have good time management abilities. Concentrate more on your issue areas and spend more time on the more difficult problems. You might ask your instructor you create a daily schedule for practising all of the Math Olympiad themes. During your practice sessions, you must not neglect any topics or formulas.

4. Take note of the course’s different perspectives:

Olympiad examinations are entirely conceptual; thus, students should concentrate on in-depth study in order to get a thorough knowledge of the material.  Only by studying completely student will get confidence and be able to easily pass Olympiads.

5. Participate in Olympiads on a monthly basis:

One of the finest strategies to prepare for yearly Olympiad tests is to partake in monthly Olympiads. Every month, the Indian Talent Olympiad holds monthly Olympiads for Science, Math, English, GK, Drawing, and Essay, which are akin to mock examinations or demo tests. Every fourth Saturday, these examinations are held online. Students may use any tablet or smartphone to participate, and they can practice throughout the year in preparation for the yearly Olympiads. The monthly Olympiads are held on a chapter-by-chapter basis, making it simple for students to prepare for different chapters. All Olympiad participants have found that taking monthly online assessments has been quite beneficial.

6. Solve some practise papers:

Almost every Olympiad has an internet portal where you may get prior year papers. If you don’t have admittance to these you can click IMO Class 9 2012 Question Paper to get the sample paper or you may always ask your friends to make sample papers for you, which you can then complete inside the Olympiad’s time period.

How to study in the last week before the exam?

1. Three topics in 1 day:

The time just one week before the exam is very crucial. In that time the children must prepare themselves properly. This is the time when children do a quick revision. So, the revision pattern must go this way that a child should be able to come up with the revision of at least 3 chapters per day.

2. Sample papers:

In addition to the completion of three chapters per day, a candidate must solve at least one sample paper each day. It will help them to boost their confidence and also, will decrease the level of fear towards the exam. It will also help in increasing the question-solving speed of the children.

Get a good amount of sleep and stay healthy:

Just before the exam children get stressed and start studying late at night. But they are unaware of the fact that losing sleep will just give them stress and children will not be able to grasp things properly. So, this is recommended to all the candidates that they must have 7-to-8-hour sleep daily. They should not stress themselves. Stress will only lead them to forget the formulas or the concepts. So, everybody is recommended to stay stress-free and must take a properly balanced diet. Children should stop consuming junk food which can affect their body and the same effect will be on their studies.

Thing’s children must follow on the exam day

The children must wake up early after a sleep of at least 6 to 7 hours and should go on a refreshing walk for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help them in rejuvenating themselves and will lower their stress level. After coming back the children should pick the revision notes that they must have created and should do a quick revision of the formulae and concepts. If children find any chapter difficult, they should not get indulged in it and should stay away from it. After revision, the children shall get ready and go for the exam with a huge smile and confidence.

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