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How Technical SEO Helps Your Website Prosper

by Techies Guardian
How Technical SEO Helps Your Website Prosper? - 2024

How Technical SEO Helps Your Website Prosper? – You have probably heard the term SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization”, and think of it just in its most well-known form- brief, informative, and entertaining articles that feature linked keywords embedded in the text. While these clever blogs are a great way to increase online traffic by boosting visibility in search results, there is another aspect of the science that is called technical SEO.

The goal of technical SEO is to improve your entire website in ways that make search engines find it faster and easier. Some of these methods include maximising the way content is stored to help the search engine better understand how it should be ranked, accelerating the website’s access from mobile devices, as well as improving the experience of human users. One of the best ways to ensure that your website is living up to all of its possibilities is to engage the services of a professional SEO agency that can provide you with cutting-edge techniques that will propel your site to the top!

Good technical SEO is critical to your overall SEO performance, and a website’s mobile-friendliness and speed are essential ingredients. Most importantly, if your site’s pages aren’t easily accessible to the search engines, it won’t show up in search results, even if you have really top-notch content! This will doom your site to missing out on potential traffic that will translate to lost revenue.

Technical SEO places a spotlight on speed, If your pages load too slowly impatient users simply perform the digital equivalent of walking away, they disconnect from your site and seek their desired information elsewhere! If your site’s diagnostics register these kinds of behaviours it’s a telltale sign that something is amiss, and that your website isn’t providing visitors with a positive experience! Worse yet, the search engines will also know, and won’t give your site a strong rating.

To optimise your site’s technical SEO you must design an effective site architecture, a term that refers to the ways in which the pages are linked together. This carefully planned map of your site helps the crawlers that do the search engine’s diagnostic work find your site easily and quickly. A simple tip is to make sure every page has a link back to your homepage when you are building the site. Sometimes a page is overlooked and has no internal links pointing at them. These are called orphan pages and they are very difficult, or even impossible for the crawler to find! Another common error is duplicate content, where somehow identical text appears on two or more different pages, which causes confusion. It’s always vital that you run your website through a set of diagnostics before you publish it online so you don’t end up with errors that can damage your standing!

Once you have what you are sure is a successful sitemap, you can actually ask Google to test it out by submitting it to them!

The Australian Government Style Manual has an entire section dedicated to SEO writing, check their website for more information. Technical SEO is a critical component for success in today’s global online marketplace, master it and your business will rise to the top!

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