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Why Sexual Harassment Training Matters: Facts About Sexual Harassment

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Why Sexual Harassment Training Matters: Facts About Sexual Harassment – Did you know that 85% of women declare sexual harassment at work?

Sexual harassment is common in many workplaces around the world. This is why requiring sexual harassment training and implementing rules is essential. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your workplace culture is at its best and no one suffers working in the business.

To learn more about sexual harassment and how to avoid such incidents, read on.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is the conduct of sexual advances. The harassment could be physical or verbal. It also includes insulting comments about an individual’s sex.

For instance, it’s unlawful to pester a woman by making rude remarks about women as a whole. Again, however, the harasser or the victim can be a man or a woman.

It’s essential to know that there are no rules on making isolated remarks or teasing. These actions can point to harassment if it’s so grievous that it forms workplace violence. It’s in the company’s best interest to stop such conduct completely.

To avoid incidents, it’s best to make, install, and apply anti-harassment strategies. Moreover, sexual harassment training for overseers and workers will help drop the harassment.

Business Owner Responsibilities

As an employer, you should give a secure workplace for all your workers. Plus, a safe work environment will promote good relations and better productivity. So, HR authorities urge all companies to do training in stopping sexual harassment in the workplace.

If any incidents occur, employers will be responsible for any sexual harassment claims. Therefore, you must create an anti-harassment rule for your business.

It will help if you study your state legislation for data on policies. Then, put your guidelines in your Employee Handbook. Sexual harassment and diversity training is a way to secure your business by raising awareness of behavior.

Training Execution is Key

Provide related examples of various kinds of harassment so workers will understand. For instance, you can show videos or provide examples to recognize sexual harassment demeanor. Here are simple cases that can help you in identifying sexual harassment:

  • Physical cases– holding, touching, kissing, grabbing, hugging, rape, physical assault
  • Verbal issues – threats, offensive jokes and language, sexual or suggestive remarks
  • Non-verbal cases– offensive motions, ogling at a person’s body, broadcasting rude information

Give hints on ways workers can be aware of their demeanor in the workplace. Do an open dialog on why sexual harassment is a problem and why the behavior is wrong. Make sure you provide clear guidance on filing grievances.

Appoint at least two or more people to receive complaints, one for each gender. It might help a hesitant worker to file a complaint to somebody of the same sex.

Sexual Harassment Training Importance

Sexual harassment training is a crucial element of a company’s agreement initiatives. Employees say that training makes them feel more appreciated and productive. Owners must ensure their training stocks are in the loop and check online events of sexual harassment.

Want to know more tips and information on how you can implement sexual harassment training in your workplace? Contact HIPAA Exams today to get to know about their course about sexual harassment training! They also have diversity and inclusion training if you’re interested.

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