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Server-Side Vs Client-Side API Development

by Techies Guardian
Server-Side Vs Client-Saide API Development

Server-Side Vs Client-Side API Development – Server-side API development involves building APIs and applications running on the server. On the other hand, client-side API developers work on how data is displayed and how users interact with applications on their devices.

APIs (Applications Programming Interfaces) are computing interfaces that make it possible for applications to share data and communicate with each other. For one to understand how APIs work, they need to know what server-side, as well as client-side development of APIs, is.

API development has gained momentum in the recent past due to the kind of solutions organizations are able to create with APIs. They are able to innovate and digitize their processes in a bid to come up with simple fixes to optimize efficiency in the office. However, building APIs is not as easy as some people might think, and poor designs might lead to business implications that might affect organizations adversely.

The client-side and server-side development of APIs is very important for business applications to do what they are supposed to do. Organizations need to make sure that developers working on the two sides of API development work together for the final product to function seamlessly without any issues.

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Client-Side API Development

Client-side API developers are tasked with making sure that they come up with APIs that are functional, dynamic, helpful, and appealing. They build APIs that ensure that all requests and tasks are handled on the client side. In addition, they are tasked with making sure that every part of the API that a user interacts with and sees works well and delivers what the user expects.

Things such as the collection of user information, homepages and their functionality, checkout pages, and slideshows, and any other part of an application that is displayed on the client device, such as web browsers, all fall under the client-side development.

These APIs perform all their functions on browsers and other client applications. API developers working on client-side APIs are also called frontend developers. Organizations need to make sure that these developers are skilled enough to deliver APIs that meet the needs of their customers.

Server-Side API Development

Server-side API development involves building APIs that work on the server. However, you need to understand how applications implementing APIs work to know what server-side development is.

When a user launches an application on their device, usually referred to as the client device, they get a display of the application and can feed it with information regarding what they are looking for. After this, requests are sent to the server (the server-side) to retrieve data and respond to the client. The client is then able to get all the services that they need.

Server-side API developers are tasked with building, designing, and maintaining the APIs that work on the server and power the exchange of information discussed above. They can also be referred to as backend API developers. These developers make sure that users (on the client-side) get all the information they need, using APIs and applications built by the frontend developers.


Organizations need to make sure that they have hired the right talent to take care of their client and server-side development of APIs. Depending on their requirements, they can hire frontend and backend API developers to separately handle client and server-side API development, or hire full-stack developers who can handle both the client and server-side API development.

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