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RPG Classics for Any RPG Fan

by Techies Guardian
RPG Classics for Any RPG Fan

RPG Classics for Any RPG Fan – Playing roles in games is quite popular which is why there’s a genre dedicated to such games and gamers. RPGs will come with different settings and depending on the game you can either create your character from scratch or you’ll be given a character with set traits. This happens in the beginning and as you progress you’ll improve your character’s feats. Either way, RPGs are tons of fun and there are lots of them out there. But there are only a few classics that deserve the large audience they get:

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Wild West is a popular setting for RPGs and this game is part of a franchise with a successful history. This title lets you play as a cowboy and you get to experience all the things that the Wild West had to offer. So, you’ll rob trains, get in brawls or go for a quiet night in a saloon. In other words, you’ll get into lots of adventures and misadventures as you complete various objectives.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There are 5 Elder Scrolls titles and all of them can be considered excellent RPGs. What makes Skyrim a classic is the fact that it fixes the mistakes of previous titles and improves the experience. You’ll get several races to pick from and create your character. Each race comes with a natural boost and certain features that you’ll tweak as you go from level to level. It’s an open-world game that lets you roam various lands and complete all sorts of quests. Sure you can go for the main story, but you can also complete side quests. Oh, and there are plenty of those.

Dark Souls 3

The first-ever Dark Souls title was revolutionary because it sparked an entire genre of games dubbed souls like. What makes the third title a classic is that it enhances the gaming experience of the second one and uses classic mechanics to keep you entertained. This means you’ll get the same challenging gameplay with some extra stuff. Customizing your character as you get new weapons and armor is a must in this as any creature can kill you in an instant. For some, this is a hard game to play, but for others, it’s a rewarding experience. It’s like an old-school title that is worth going through just because it’s a challenge.

Dragon Age Origins

Fantasy RPGs are quite common. You create your character, pick a class and take down foes. Dragon Age Origins mixes in a pretty interesting story with these mechanics which is what makes this title a classic RPG. You can either be a warrior, rogue, or a mage in the game and besides the amazing gameplay, you’ll get to make some tough choices. All in all, it’s a great start to a franchise.

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