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6 Rocking Tips to Be on Top of SERP in 2022

by Techies Guardian
6 Rocking Tips to Be on Top of SERP in 2022

Rocking Tips to Be on Top of SERP in 2022 – It is 2022, and if you are still struggling with high ranking on SERPs, it’s time to re-evaluate your SEO strategies. Getting the top ranking on SERPs is every business’s dream, and it should be as it helps you attract more audience and increase sales. However, Google keeps changing its SERPs algorithm, and the SEO team of any business has to be on its toes always. Even though SERPs algorithms keep reshuffling, with a well-thought-of SEO strategy, you can keep up with these changes and have the highest ranking in SERPs, with organic traffic coming to your site more often. In addition, link building services plays an important role on seo to improve serp ranking.

Wondering what tips to use for a well-thought-of SEO strategy? Then try the tips we are listing below.

On-page optimization is a must

One of the best ways to increase SERPs ranking is by doing on-page optimization. After optimizing your page, you will see results within weeks, only if you follow the best practices. A good SEO agency in India can analyze your site and figure out the problems that on-page optimization can solve. You can work with them or with your SEO team to see results fast. Here are some tips for on-page SEO:

  • Ensure that the main keyword is towards the beginning of the title because search engines focus more on keywords on the front.
  • Make sure your content is long. A blog post with 1000-1500 words is better suited to attract the attention of search crawlers.
  • Use keywords two to three times in your content (per keyword). Here remember, you do not want to stuff keywords but include them organically in the content.

Optimizing, pruning, and repurposing old content

The best SEO strategy for putting your website on top of SERPs is content auditing. It helps you check the articles and blogs on your article and decide if they need optimization or updating or more. If articles are not performing well on the site, leading to low ranking, use content auditing to know this and delete them from your website. Tips for the same:

  • If articles rank on the first or second page of SERPs with limited traffic, you should optimize them to increase traffic.
  • Any article on any webpage with outdated statistics or links, or information should go through the update process. If your articles are time-sensitive, they must always share the latest news.
  • If you see a page not performing well, survey it more. If the page doesn’t have any crucial detail regarding your brand and more, let it go. Otherwise, you can repurpose the content into social media posts and e-Books.

Work on your website to improve user experience

All search engines, including Google, have one thing in common and that’s User Experience. If your website or blog is not providing the best user experience, there is no chance that you will get a higher ranking in SERPs.

Search Engine ranks those pages better that answer user queries in a relevant and friendly way. Thus, you have to start with how your website looks because that affects user experience the most.


Update the website design: The design doesn’t impact its ranking directly. However, it does affect it indirectly as if the text is unreadable or navigating the website is challenging, the users will leave your website in seconds. For a search engine, this translates into your content not being good.

Mobile-friendly: Your website must be mobile-friendly as more than 60% of people use mobile to check out a site or a blog.

Work on satisfying the search intent

Search intent is becoming the talk of the town, and if you are not working on this, you will see a decrease in your SERPs ranking. Search engines are getting better at understanding what a user wants, and a business’s SEO team needs to become well-versed in the same. You do not want your page to be one of the answers they are seeking but you want it to be the only answer for the user. Thus, work on understanding the search intent and curating content according to the same.

Re-evaluate your SEO strategy now with the help of an experienced team and start working on implementing these changes now. If you delay investing in your strategies, your SERPs ranking will only decrease, and it will affect your business badly.

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