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Are We Obsessed With Video Games?

by Techies Guardian
Are We Obsessed With Video Games

Are We Obsessed With Video Games? – Video games have become one of the favorite pastimes for many people, and the gaming industry is constantly growing and improving. With new and interesting video games coming out every now and then, more and more people are gravitating toward playing and trying out new games. However, this increasing interest in video games has raised the possibility of video games becoming a habit or, in some cases, addiction among players.

ExpressVPN’s study reveals millennials tend to invest more time in gaming than younger generations. The survey also shows that older gamers spend copious amounts of time gaming, and some tend to spend more than 24 hours gaming a week. On the contrary, younger generations spend less time playing video games. But no matter what generation spends more time gaming, the fact is that video games have always been quite immersive, and this could have increased the probability of gaming addiction among players.

Video Game Addiction

This impact of video games on gamers has given rise to the debate that gamers might be somewhat obsessed with video games. Not many people might understand this, but video games have proper story-building and character development. Usually, newer video games are structured in a way to capture the attention of players instantly. These games are often quite time-consuming, and players tend to be okay with that. Frequent gamers find it difficult to function normally if they cannot play their favorite games.

How Gaming Impacts Players

Almost all gamers have a fixed schedule related to their games. They tend to play their favorite games for a specific period almost every day. If they cannot do so for some reason, they tend to feel irritated and, in some instances, sad. Many users have admitted to feeling sudden mood swings if they are unable to spend time gaming. There might be multiple reasons why the gaming community is expanding exponentially. But the gradually increasing obsession with video games is definitely concerning.

More often than not, frequent gamers seem to forget their day-to-day responsibilities to make time for gaming. Some gamers have even admitted to not eating while gaming because they were heavily immersed in a game. It can not be denied that with the advancement in gaming technology, games are becoming more and more structured. The high level of graphics, and amazing plotlines, make it easier for players to seek escape in gaming.

Gaming is essentially a distraction for people so that they can put aside their day-to-day problems for some time. However, this tendency to seek refuge in the gaming world has made users more prone to getting addicted. Additionally, gaming has also become a place for users to make new friends. Since it is easier for people who frequently game to bond, most people tend to feel more familiar with their online gaming friends. This simply adds to the charm of gaming for users and simply adds fire to their already increasing involvement with video games.

Why Are Video Games Addictive

It is an established fact that video games have created a strong foothold for themselves in the lives of people. Gamers older than 30 find it easy to seek escape from their problems by indulging in video games. However, this creates a sense of dependency for frequent gamers. This eventually leads to an attachment to games, which gradually increases over time.

Most of the video games that are being released nowadays have a very gripping storyline with proper backstories for their characters. They essentially create a world for the users to explore. This is the reason open-world games have also become quite popular among video game players. Not only that, game developers have enhanced the quality of the audio-visual experience, making gaming a completely immersive process.

With the possibility of AR and VR technologies becoming mainstream in the coming years. The probability of gaming addiction might increase significantly. It is a fact that a lot of video gamers are obsessed with playing video games and would rather avoid doing other tasks. However, this usually isolates video gamers from real-life interactions, making them more and more prone to gaming obsession. Additionally, gamers need to distance themselves from games from time to time so that they can experience the real world in all its glory as well.


With video games becoming more immersive, gamers have a harder time staying away from their favorite games. Even though not all gamers are obsessed with their favorite video games, some are addicted. The older generations especially spend a lot of time on video games, thus further isolating them from the real world. There is no proper way to stop this obsession with games, but if it is somewhat controlled in the initial stages. Then gamers might be able to avoid the pull of video games to some extent.

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