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Learn About Node JS Training With Certification

by Techies Guardian
Learn About Node JS Training With Certification

Node JS Training – If you’re interested in trying to build network applications efficiently and quickly utilizing JavaScript, then Node.js can be luck. Getting yourself into this course can bring you to the learning process of the basics that are being widely popular in runtime environments along with its applications. So, before you enroll in the course, let’s have a look at what Node.js is all about and also, why it is so popular. Let’s get started.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is known to be an open-source cross-platform of JavaScript for a runtime environment. It is used for the execution of JavaScript code outside of any web browser. Node.js is a great framework of the web for beginners as it works amazingly for data-intensive applications, just as streaming and real-time applications and makes the building of back-end easy.

This allows users to use JavaScript everywhere and on any browser, comprising Linux, Windows, and macOS. And by everywhere it means, the front-end, middle-ware, and the back-end. The main purpose of Node.js certification is to assist developers in creating highly scalable virtual networks. It employs an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model to keep things light and also, effective.

Why Node.js certification is Popular?

Being a highly accessible framework, it deploys a highly scalable and extremely comfortable work process. It also has a giant community that involves over 60,000 modules of a massive NPM repository. During the past few years, the technology world has faced a boom insanely due to Node.js. It turned out to be the first most commonly utilized technology in the category of “Frameworks, Libraries & Tools”.

This brought in huge demand for Node.js. Moreover, top global companies are leveraging this technology for which the its developers are commanding an average salary of $105,000 as compared to any PHP developers.

And now that you understood what Node.js is all about, let’s see what the certification course offers.

What do you get from this Course?

  • 24 Hours Live Instructor-led sessions
  • Hands-on with Cloud labs for 120+ hours
  • On-demand Self-paced learning
  • Auto-Graded Assessments and recall Quizzes
  • Capstone Projects & Assignments
  • Access to Courseware for a lifetime

Skills you will Gain

  • Build state-of-the-art server-side apps
  • Build command-line resources and applications
  • Create reusable kits and bundles that can be distributed.
  • Develop advanced backends and RESTful APIs
  • Establish networked servers and databases
  • Express can be used for prototyping, developing software, APIs, and also, utilities.
  • Use JWT and session-based integrity protection.

Who can get into this Course?

  • Web developers
  • Software engineers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Backend developers
  • Novices who meet prerequisites


  • Requires basic knowledge of server-side development
  • Intermediate knowledge of working with JavaScript

Benefits of Getting this Certification

  • It allows developers to train, refine, and show the specialized skills needed to be a good Node.js developer today. And also, it lets you succeed throughout your career.
  • Earning the credential not only shows that you’re serious about improving your qualifications, but it also validates your expertise in a hotly debated area. To put it another way, you can set yourself apart from all other Node.js developers.
  • Companies will be able to identify and recruit Node.js specialists more easily now, and obtaining the credential will help you make more money.

And now, that you have known about the node training certification course so get yourself register. And also, develop your skills with the latest Node.js and master essentially the front-end development skills.

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