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Meta Files Eight New Trademark Requests For Crypto and Web 3.0 Technology

by Techies Guardian
Meta Files Eight New Trademark Requests For Crypto and Web 3.0 Technology

Meta is applying for patents for eight new trademark applications connected to decentralized finance (DeFI) and crypto technology. The social media giant, previously known as Facebook, has made eight trademark appeals with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark requests are part of the company’s push to launch its proprietary metaverse master plan.

The company applied to get a trademark for an online platform for networking and dating. This includes a subdivision that is customized for users that invest in cryptocurrencies. Also, Meta applied for an expansion of applications using Web 3.0 technology. These applications include gaming, decentralized finance, and E-commerce.

Moreover, the tech giant filed patents for electronic publishing services. These electronic publishing services are related to communication services for Meta’s digital services, virtual reality based advertising, and virtual reality transaction services that aid crypto trading.

Additionally, the company filed trademarks that cover downloadable security software. The software is used by smartphone applications and augmented reality-activated gear that is wearable.

Below is a list of the trademark applications by Meta and the field they cover. Serial numbers have been used to organize the list.

  • 97320155: Covers dating services and online networking. It also includes a subcategory that allows for networking between crypto investors.


  • 97320153: This application covers the design and development of computer software and hardware connected to Web 3 technology. The scope includes e-commerce, gaming, blockchain transactions, etc.


  • 97320149: This is for a trademark for electronic publishing services and entertainment. The services are part of virtual reality.


  • 97320147: This appeal is for the telecommunication services for electronic properties held on the Meta platform.


  • 97320146: This is a request for a trademark for financial exchange processing services connected to tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchain assets, and other virtual assets.


  • 97320144: This is a trademark appeal for advertising services through augmented or virtual reality networks and the metaverse.


  • 97320140: It is an application for wearable peripherals for online games related to virtual reality.


  • 97320136. It is a trademark request for software downloadable in a mobile application network. These include hardware or e-wallets, online charitable fundraising, and user authentication.

Michael Kondoudis, an NFT and metaverse attorney based in DC, says the moves by Meta signify that the company is about to make a mark in the financial sector. We should therefore brace ourselves for a revolution in the financial industry.

The trademark applications can take up to eight months before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) processes them since their initial application. Other organizations that have made trademark applications relating to the metaverse and digital assets include Monster Energy and New York Stock Exchange.

Also, Mark Zuckerberg Meta’s CEO has indicated that the social media platform Instagram will be incorporating non-fungible tokens across its different products. However, it is worth noting that not all crypto endeavors have yielded the desired outcomes for the Web 3 tech bigwig.

Meta has faced some severe challenges while trying to push its proprietary metaverse project. For instance, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took the company to court because Meta engaged in false, deceptive, or misleading conduct.

Meta is alleged to have published celebrity ads that were scams on its platform, which supposedly resulted in losses for investors. Only time will tell if the giant will pull the moves this time around. All in all, the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency is brighter than ever.

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