Can I Learn Program Management Online for Free?

Can I Learn Program Management Online for Free? – A project is at the heart of any business endeavor. The responsibility of bringing a project to successful completion is on the shoulders of a project manager. But what if a company works on multiple projects towards achieving a common business goal. A company then needs a program manager to coordinate all those projects. As per Gartner, program management is the coordinated planning, management, and execution of multiple related projects that are directed toward the common strategic, business, or organizational objectives. In other words, it is the application of skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques to meet various program requirements.

The programmatic grouping of multiple projects comes with a number of benefits, including consistent management, increased synergy, and greater visibility to stakeholders than individually handled projects. Becoming a program manager requires years of experience in handling various projects. A professional seeking a role as a program manager first needs to be a good project manager and build a strong foundation in project management. For this reason, many individuals start by learning project management basics, and one of the best ways to do so is taking a project management course online.

Program management is something that you can learn by gaining relevant experience. So if you are looking for a training course in program management, you will be redirected to a project management course. Once you have robust project management skills, you will ultimately be ready for a program manager role.

So, discussed below are some of the best project management courses you can enroll in for free.

Introduction to Project Management

  • A free project management course for beginners

Where to enroll – SkillUp (Simplilearn)

This project management basics course on SkillUp helps you prepare for your next big role in your management career. You can explore the basics of PMP (Project Management Professional), methodologies like Agile and Scrum, and Microsoft Project 2013. This 2-hours of in-depth training helps you gain some important skills like project management, program management, stakeholder management, agile project management, and risk management.

Upon registration, you can access the course for 90 days. There are no prerequisites to take the course. It is best suited for project managers, team leads, software developers, and project executives.

Manage Project Integration

  • Learn to integrate stages of Project Management

Where to enroll – Udemy

This 3-hours course on Udemy is designed by Exner Education. You will begin by learning how to identify, clarify, and prepare project initiation documentation and the relationship between the project and the broader organizational goals and strategies. Next, the instructor will take you through negotiating and documenting project objectives, benefits, and outcomes and undertaking project planning and design process.

Lastly, you will learn how to execute the project in the work environment, manage project control, and handle project finalization. The course can be taken by site managers, contract managers, quality managers, and business owners as well.

Introduction to Project Management

  • Explore the principles of project management and learn to apply them

Where to enroll – edX

Project management is an essential skill for many careers, and this course designed by the University of Adelaide helps you build a strong foundation in it. You will become familiar with the practical ways to understand your goals from the outset of your project, and to consider all the factors that may affect its execution. There is step-by-step guidance on how to plan, scope, schedule, cost, and manage your project from start to end.

This free self-paced course can be completed in 6 weeks if you dedicate 2 to 3 hours per week. Take this course if you want to learn project management from the highly experienced faculty at the University of Adelaide.

Fundamentals of Project Management

  • Understand important project phases and project management tools

Where to enroll – Alison

Take this course by Alison if you want to get a complete overview of the most important aspects of project management in a clear and straightforward way. The phases of investigation, planning, design, production, and evaluation are discussed in detail. Important tools like PERT Diagrams and Gantt Charts are also explained along with estimating activity time, scheduling, and mastering the Critical Path Method.

This free training program is designed for every professional who wants to speak the language of a project manager and wants to understand what they need to successfully manage any project.

Project Management: How to be a Successful Project Manager

  • Develop your understanding of the project life cycle and agile project tools

Where to enroll – FutureLearn

Developed by Coventry University, this course is a part of Project Management and its Role in Effective Business Expert Track. You will get introduced to project management, its essential principles, and what factors affect the state of a project through this course. You need to spend 3 hours per week to complete this course in 14 days. Both theoretical and applied perspectives are covered, making you understand how to factor in project constraints like time, cost, and resources.

Though the course is not free, you can use the ‘free 7-day trial’ option and start learning. The program is suitable for aspiring project managers and engineers looking to gain project management skills.

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