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What is a knowledge base and does your business need one?

by Techies Guardian
What is a knowledge base and does your business need one

Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses need to keep up with the changing trends. This means that employees and customers need to understand the changes within the business and how the systems and processes work. This can relate to anything from contact protocols or understanding the details of services offered by your business. It can become extremely time consuming for employees to have to constantly answer the same questions or to educate people on systems that have already been taught. This is where a knowledge base comes into play.

A knowledge base is a library of information that stores information relating to your business as well as any products or services you may offer. Knowledge bases are commonly used by most IT support company. This knowledge base should contain a range of information that is simple to digest . This includes tutorials, manuals. FAQs and guides to assist with troubleshooting common issues. Every business will follow their own format for a knowledge base. Some may mainly rely on input from employees or users that are well educated on the subject, or it can be based in artificial intelligence, which requires less human input. There are two different forms of knowledge bases. There is the internal knowledge base which is used to assist employees and an external knowledge base which is used to service customers.

The internal knowledge base is only accessed by employees. It is a great way to assist your employees with common issues that are faced in the day to day. Some options that can be added to the internal knowledge base include company policies, onboarding information for new employees, common HR issues that may arise and many more. Not only will it assist employees with questions they may have, it will also help to streamline the productivity of your business.

The external knowledge base is specifically for your customers. It should be easily accessible for anyone that wants to learn more about your business. A common external knowledge base is the FAQ page that can be found on most websites but this is not the only form of knowledge base that can be used. You can add anything specific to your business such as a services page, an about page or a page specifically dedicated to services and pricing. Your knowledge base depends on the knowledge you want to share.

How will a knowledge base benefit your business?

Assistance 24/7

There are always customers needing assistance but this can get difficult if a business does not operate 24 hours a day. A knowledge base will give your business access to assistance whenever they need it and will no longer have to wait for assistance for extreme periods of time. This will also cut down the amount of customer service enquiries which will only speed up productivity. This will increase customer satisfaction since now all customers need to do is search for the issue they are having and they will have a detailed document on what the issue is and how to fix it. The process of calling a customer service line, having to wait for an agent and potentially sitting at the phone for extended periods of time discourages many customers. If there is a way to avoid this process, customers will enjoy working with your company a lot more.

Improved training processes

A Knowledge base that has been created by a well educated management team not only assists with improving the training process for new hires, but also makes the trainers job easier. The process of training a new employee can be a major burden to current employees since it takes time out of their work day. With a knowledge base new hires will have constant access to the latest updates related to the company and have access to guidance whenever they need it. A quality [knowledge base] helps to encourage employees to take control of their own education which will only help to save the business money in the long run.

Improve adaptability

The IT team is one of the departments that are inundated with the most queries. This ranges from small issues like employees not knowing how to access a document or large issues like an entire system shutdown. When new processes are implemented, the IT team has to both educate and support the staff on how the new system works. An extensive, yet simple to understand it will drastically simplify this process. Now all that needs to be done is for the IT department to create a detailed document that contains the process of the new system and troubleshooting methods. Not only will it decrease their workload, but will help the entire company adapt to new systems and process a lot faster.

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