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How Does PEMF Affect the Body?

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How Does PEMF Affect the Body

How Does PEMF Affect the Body? – Our bodies consist of millions of chemical reactions occurring each second on a cellular level. These reactions are responsible for everything happening in our bodies and are necessary for intercellular communication so the cells can work together in harmony. These chemical reactions release ions that cause our bodies to be always charged with electromagnetic energy.

After a long time of undergoing chemical reactions, our cells are deleted and feel tired causing our mind and body to feel the same and that’s where PEMF therapy kicks in. Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy treats your cells like batteries that need to be recharge. It is used to generate energy in your cells enhancing their performance and therefore enhancing your whole body to function effectively.

Different PEMF therapy methods have been used for decades to maintain good health and to treat different conditions that arise from overstressing our bodies both physiologically and psychologically. PEMF therapy initially was used as a method of pain relief but was found to have many more benefits aside from its soothing effect. Due to the wide range of conditions that the PEMF therapy can be used for, there are many regimens that an be followed, each specific for the outcome wanted whether the therapy is used to heal an injured joint, relief pain, enhance overall health or even weight loss, and YES! you read that correctly.

Since all mammalian bodies work mainly in the same way, PEMF therapy has been used with animals as well through devices that have been created specifically for that purpose. PEMF therapy is used a lot with race horses as it has been proved to highly improve their performance and treat their whole bodies or specific areas of injury. Adjustable blankets and heated leg wraps that deliver the pulses needed for the therapy specially for horses have been manufactured. PEMF therapy helps race horses stay in peak condition and recover quickly from the competitions as they promote the healing of soft tissues, improve range of motion, and help in the repairing of neurological damage.

So how does PEMF therapy work? PEMF devices send magnetic energy into the body in the form of heated pulses, these magnetic waves work with your body’s natural magnetic field in synchronization to improve healing and influence cellular metabolism and intercellular communication to enhance body functions. Our bodies use electricity to send signals to and from the brain, the pulses of magnetic energy sent from the PEMF device stimulate cells to take in ions making them positively charged which will trigger other electrical currents to turn into pulses inside the cells and throughout the body. This in return positively influences movement, healing, and the sending of signals across the body. Any disruptions in the natural path of current inside the body can cause dysfunction or illness, PEMF therapy helps in fixing this disruption which promotes overall wellness. In other words, waves from PEMF devices induce electrical impulses that charge the cells to their proper voltage after becoming distressed and losing their ability to function efficiently due to disease, trauma, or toxins.

If you are suffering from muscle injury, pain, feeling drained, obesity, anxiety, depression, insomnia,…etcetera, or if you just want to maintain good health, then you might want to consider going for PEMF therapy for its endless list of benefits that it provides but don’t forget to check first with your physician so that a clear and effective program is set by a professional to ensure the best therapeutic outcome is obtained over the course of treatment.

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