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How To Hire PHP Developers In 2023

by Techies Guardian
How To Hire PHP Developers In 2023

How To Hire PHP Developers In 2023 – Everyone wants PHP talent, but what does that mean for your hiring process? How can you still hire the right talent without technical knowledge or boatloads of cash? Let’s address these concerns. But before we do, let’s explore PHP as both a technology and a thriving community.

What You Should Know About PHP Technology

With 7 million PHP developers and nearly 30 million project sites, PHP is a stable technology with a vibrant community. Its potential to build enterprise-scale projects, as well as hobby-level products, distributes demand across all projects. And community-driven innovations cut costs in time and money.

No wonder you want to hire PHP developers. The question is how? In this article guide, we’ll discuss.

  • The Skills of a PHP developer;
  • The Roles of a PHP developer;
  • The Types of PHP developers;
  • The Hiring Costs of a PHP developer.

And hopefully, stick around for hiring tips at the end.

That said, let’s get to it, shall we?

Skills Of A PHP Developer

Skills come first when hiring PHP developers. Highly skilled developers increase the chances of project success while having more fun along the way. There’ll be increased confidence, interest, motivation, and commitment to the program in such a talent pool.

But developer skills are classed into two categories. There are hard and soft skills. We’ll be examining them below.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are the core technical skills a PHP developer must have to develop tech solutions. For your dream PHP developer, should

  • Know how to code;
  • Understand PHP, HTML;
  • Know CSS, JavaScript;
  • Keep To PHP standards;
  • Have Framework experience, amongst other skills.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are hard to measure but can be felt and even observed. Their results are undeniable, and they retain success over a long period. Here are some soft skills your PHP developer should have

  • Communication;
  • Critical Thinking;
  • Adaptability;
  • Curiosity;
  • Grit, amongst other skills.

So what do PHP developers do with all these skills? How do they fit your project demands?

Role Of PHP Developers

Many often misunderstand the roles of PHP developers despite PHP usage taking a 45.43% majority market share. Here are some roles listed below.

  • Planning/Strategy;
  • Web Development;
  • Debugging;
  • Web Maintenance;
  • User Support.

In the early stages of your project, the PHP developer transforms your idea into a workable plan. They analyse resources and requirements to meet project expectations. And after coming up with a plan, they can design the software architecture.

Senior PHP developers are often engineers capable of meeting project obligations. Junior PHP developers do the actual building and designing of your projects. They write, maintain, and review code. And are instructed by both Senior and Mid-level PHP developers.

Then there’s the debugging process, where PHP developers go through code till it functions to your satisfaction. User support and web maintenance are reoccurring services to keep product purpose and performance profitable.

Types Of PHP Developers

Your project needs would determine the type of PHP developer you should hire.

Do you have a limited timeline? You might want two specialist PHP developers.

  • Front-end PHP developer;
  • Back-end PHP developer.

Front-end PHP developers deal with the user-facing side of your web application. They take the load off the Full Stack PHP developer who would have done all the work were you working with little time. Instead, you get to spend more money to hire a Back-end PHP developer.

In this case, your budget can accommodate a PHP developer team because your project is more sophisticated, and you’ll have even more types of PHP developers. We’ve touched on 3 of them in the previous segment.

  • Senior PHP developer;
  • Mid-level PHP developer;
  • Junior PHP developer.

Senior PHP developers plan and strategise, while Junior PHP developers implement technical guidelines. Mid-level PHP developers work between both job types while optimising and configuring applications.

Hiring And Management Costs

Your project’s scale, budget and timeline would determine your approach to hiring and management costs. If you’re building a startup product, then a scrappy solution would do.

You could partner with a Senior PHP developer with equity in the company. With that, you get top PHP talent with the promise of what your startup could become instead of a cash salary. Of course, the startup will remain a side project till it can comfortably pay the founding team via revenue or investor funding.

If you’re technical yourself, you could recruit other Mid-level or Junior PHP developers to join your startup project and grow with your project. Passion would be the edge as you upgrade your skills and experience.

But if you have some kind of budget, then you can use hiring agencies or developer marketplace platforms like Deazy to find a PHP developer. According to Zip Recruiter, the average US developer takes home $86,003 annually. But this number drops to as little as $25,000 globally per year. Employers have been known to find cost-effective developer talent in parts of Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.

Winding Down: Hiring Tips

We’ve looked at PHP technology, Skills of PHP developers, Roles of PHP developers, Types of PHP developers and Hiring Costs.

We’ll wrap up with a few hiring tips to help you get started on your journey to getting the right PHP developer for your project. Here they are

  • Reach out to a developer friend to see if they know someone who could fit your project.
  • Join PHP communities and events both on and offline. Developer conferences are places to find like-minded devs and make friends. You’d be surprised at how many co-founder relationships started in such settings.
  • Reach out to developer content creators. This can be daunting as you wonder if they’ll see your message or are interested in the day-to-day coding process. I’d say do your homework and reach out to micro-influencers. They can be a hub for talent at such small sizes.
  • When you interview PHP developers, look out for the ability to ask questions that expand the understanding of your project. It’s a great way to gauge experience and passion all at once.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of test projects to get a feel of a working relationship. Being articulate is not correlated to developer skills.
  • Check their ability to give technical advice that aligns with business goals. This is important if you’re building enterprise solutions.

We could go on and on, but let’s end it here. If you need extra help, reach out to us in the comments section, and we’ll love to speak with you.

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