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A Step By Step Guide On Getting Cheap Mobile Plans

by Techies Guardian
A Step By Step Guide On Getting Cheap Mobile Plans

A Step By Step Guide On Getting Cheap Mobile Plans – In your bid to reduce your monthly costs, you have probably not factored in the fact that you can greatly reduce your monthly mobile spend by simply getting on a cheaper mobile phone plan. Though there are numerous mobile phone plans being advertised, most of them primarily focus on selling you the latest mobile phone model and holding you to a contract which you would have to pay hefty monthly premiums. However, with good research and especially from this guide, you can figure out ways to reduce your monthly communication spend.

Getting Cheap Mobile Plans Depends on Your Carrier Network

Carrier networks differ both in their quality of service and their costs. In some cases, expensive doesn’t always mean best and that’s why its possible to find a cheap mobile phone plan even on the best and highest quality networks. You simply need to understand the relationship between carrier networks and mobile phone plans. Not all plans are offered straight from carrier networks, and you will find smaller third parties acting and mobile networks who offer the mobile phone plans to you. A good idea is to find a mobile phone plan offered by the carrier network owning the infrastructure and coverage network without any third parties. This way, your mobile costs won’t feature any hidden third party commissions as deductions.

In a country like Australia, searching for mobile plans Australia will show you how these third party entities come in. They are very aggressive in their marketing and always seem like novelty networks when in actual fact they are relying on major international networks for coverage.

Selecting the Best Mobile Plans

Now that you understand how mobile carriers affect your mobile phone plans, it’s now time to decide which Orange Prepaid Packages is best for you. You will need something that is convenient for you. Therefore, it’s not a good idea simply copying your friend’s, your boss’s or your parent’s mobile phone plan since they may have different preferences and user behavior than yours. Understand how you spend mobile resources per month and use this as a benchmark to determine which mobile plan works best for you.

Are Unlimited Plans Cheaper?

You can choose between an unlimited, prepaid and sim-only plan. The unlimited plan offers more resources as a bundle. This bundle is more expensive as a whole but offer cheaper units on texts, data and minutes. However, you need to be careful since you can easily exhaust the resources and you might need to top up once they are exhausted. However, some networks won’t require you to top up before month’s end and will simply throttle the quality of service especially when using mobile data. The upload and download speeds may slow down or you might notice your devices buffering a lot more once your unlimited plan is exhausted.


Finding a cheap mobile plan is all about planning and therefore you need to find ways of going around network based services. WiFi is a great option, but eventually your own usage behavior will determine your eventual monthly bill.

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