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Know The Pros , Know the Cons of Getting an E-Scooter

by Techies Guardian
Know The Pros , Know the Cons of Getting an E-Scooter - 2023

E-Scooter: The Pros and Cons – For every decision that we make, there are always pros and cons. The dictionary says this idiom is actually an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “pro et contra” which means “for and against”. Hence, advantages and disadvantages.

The same is true about the best electric scooters. Stretching it a bit for purposes of this article, let us dive in and take a look at each one:

The Pros –

  1. great for avoiding traffic, time-efficient too
  2. saves on fuel cost*
  3. affordable
  4. economical, cost-effective*
  5. fun to ride
  6. easy to use, maneuver and navigate
  7. foldable
  8. low maintenance cost*
  9. some models offer longer range
  10. able to handle different terrains and uneven paths
  11. reliable, efficient
  12. durable, sturdy
  13. hot swappable batteries can extend trips
  14. readily accessible for last-mile trips
  15. most models are compact and portable
  16. good for the environment; environment-friendly
  17. does not leave carbon-footprint/practically noiseless
  18. good for physical and mental health
  19. good investment
  20. positive reviews and feedback are increasing

The Cons –

  1. the technology can sometimes be not fully tested and not fully developed
  2. repairs can be complex for some models
  3. you can’t ride them on major thoroughfares
  4. Hard to distinguish fake models from the original
  5. Restrictive due to limited power ( able to reach __kp/h before battery drains)
  6. some models are not waterproof
  7. older models are not very powerful
  8. some models can be heavy
  9. some models cannot climb up to high points
  10. the battery needs to be replaced
  11. premium models can be too expensive

Taking a look at the benefits of owning an electric scooter, the advantages are numerous and practically apply to many people, especially those residing in the urban areas. Indeed, the pros far outweigh the cons. For sure, you’ll be in good company as you consider getting the best electric scooter for adults.

Riding an electric scooter costs nothing. Cost-per-mile, no other mode of transport can beat the e-scooters. Repeat, there are almost no costs to riding your scooter after making your purchase.

There’s an electric scooter to suit your needs and lifestyle. Mearth has in its roster an awesome 2023 Edition – starting out with the S Series, basic, entry-level, commuter e-scooters ideal for beginners and also for adults that need to go either to class, work, meetings, and do other tasks or errands.

Next is the Mearth RS 2023 Series are long-range electric scooters, also considered as the ultimate long-range rideables, ideal for riders with experience who want to extend their trip a bit more, around the suburbs perhaps to enjoy the cityscape longer.

The Mearth GTS and GTS MAX EVO 2023 are on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooters, touted as king of the road and off-terrain champions. Simply great for the experienced, adventurous nature seekers who want to explore the less traveled path, going up and down the hills, and more.

Electric scooters are a great investment. Absolutely! They are the most cost-efficient mode of transport today. All you have to do is make a one-time payment for your scooter , and then you’re left with a free means of transport – years on end.

Very efficient and economical too. Mearth offers excellent and high quality, top-performing electric scooters that’s well-loved. The e-scooter runs on battery, but take note, the cost of electricity for charging an electric scooter is extremely low and it’s practically free, almost nil.

While others can cost a thousand, or even a few thousand dollars, Mearth’s amazing, top-notch S Series commuter electric scooters costs only less than $1000.

All of Mearth’s top-performing electric scooters are reasonably priced to cater to a typical person’s budget, The good thing is that it comes with great features.

No fear, no downside. The battery will need to be replaced after a few years. But this isn’t even a downside.

As expected, all batteries have a lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. This is reality. An electric scooter owner needs to take care of it so the battery is not prematurely worn out before its time is up.

You can extend the lifespan of your battery with proper care. Eventually, you will still need to heed to the law of nature which will prevail after that time period, as the battery in your scooter will likely have its capacity weakened. This means you will need to buy a brand new battery. The good news is that it will not entail a big expense.

Electric scooters are fun – truly. The enjoyment is actually one of the most significant things to riders and to owners. It may be the major reason why electric scooters have come to widespread use. Because they’re fun to ride! As one rider shared, “there’s just a certain feeling of seemingly floating, of being in the moment, of gliding effortlessly through the streets riding an e-scooter.” No wonder the ‘tribe’ of e-scooter riders keep increasing!

Easy to ride, maneuver, navigate. Electric scooters may be intimidating to someone that has never ridden them before. If you decide to try one out, you will be surprised how quickly you learned most of the things you need to know. Turn the power on and start with a kick. It’s far easier than riding a bike!

Safe to ride, but ride with care and be responsible. A responsible rider will ride his/her e-scooter for years without getting into any mishap. If ever accidents happen, the injuries are not serious and the material damage is not great. Check out the complete electric scooter safety guide, follow the tips and ride with care.

The e-scooter doesn’t tire the rider. Why? Electric scooters don’t require any physical effort from the rider to move forward. Even professionals use them for their daily commutes – getting to the office, on time, looking cool and clean.

Able to handle different terrains. There are manufacturers that intentionally recommend riding the scooters on flat, even surfaces, preferably asphalt or pavement only. The concern here is that most cities have areas where the streets are filled with potholes, humps, cracks, uneven cement portions, and snags deemed to be stumbling blocks.

Mearth high performing electric scooters can handle these hurdles well. Take for example, Mearth RS Pro long-range scooters, have 10-inch pneumatic tires that really help riders when they have absolutely no choice but to ride through uneven roads, potholes and even on rough terrain. The saving grace is that while the path is not perfect, the rides are seamless and more than good enough.

The Mearth GTS MAX EVO 2023 edition is a hard-wearing, robust, powerful on-and-of-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooter recognized among peers as the king of the road. Specifically built for rough terrains, uneven, jagged paths, uphill or downhill, and way past through trails less traveled. Built specially for the true enthusiasts who desire the great outdoors. The price is nonetheless affordable. The Mearth GTS EVO 2023 Series can be ridden on any ground without any issues at all.

Long-range electric scooters offer more. An ordinary e-scooter today can travel somewhere around 15-18 miles or 20 kilometers on a single charge, enough to take people where they need to do what they need to do.

Those electric scooters that have lower ranges are more of a hobby instrument than a dependable transport mode. If you want to use your scooter for actual transport, get one that has at least 20 km of range. If you’re a regular rider who wants to get to and from work minus the hassle and stress, any range between 20 to 40 km will get the job done, and that’s what Mearth RS long-range electric scooters can do, efficiently.

Easy to maintain and at a very low cost. When compared to a car or any fuel-powered vehicle, electric scooters are simple to operate. Much simpler than electric bikes. When the motor, the battery, the brakes, the tires and the LED screen are fine, everything else is good to go. Mearth has instruction manuals on how to do cleaning, basic maintenance, change, repair. Don’t spray water on the e-scooter when cleaning it, even if the scooter is waterproof. Simply wiping it with a dry or semi-wet microfiber towel will do the trick.

Bid traffic jams goodbye. The infectious mood of people joyfully weaving in and out of standstill traffic does bore an impact to the onlooker that’s stuck in a dead-end jam. It’s hard to disregard. Wish you could do the same. E-scooter riders get about 10 minutes faster to work than in public transport. The other great thing is that you can take the scooter on the bus and later ride it on your last mile journey.

Mearth electric scooters are compact and portable. The Mearth S is in the entry level category, is lightweight, only 13.5 kg, very ideal for commuters. Easily foldable and can be stored in a small corner, under a desk or table, and can be carried, brought along inside a bus and after getting off, can be unfolded to be ridden again for that last mile trip.

Really great for the environment. Electric scooters don’t pollute the environment. They don’t run on gas or petrol, like cars and buses do. Other environmentally conscious countries confirm that personal mobility devices like the electric scooters pollution levels decreased with the increase in electric scooter use.

Positive reviews are growing. The encouraging feedback on electric scooters is spreading. Whether it is due to the ride-sharing concept, rented electric scooters, or private e-scooter owners’ active opinions, the tide of positive public opinion is hard to ignore. This should help you in deciding to get your very own electric scooter to have a go and experience your fair share of nature’s beauty and reap health benefits as you breeze through and past the city’s bottleneck.

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