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Live Streaming Setup: Top 5 Gadgets Required for Advanced Live Streaming in 2022

by Techies Guardian
Top 5 Gadgets Required for Advanced Live Streaming

Top 5 Gadgets Required for Advanced Live Streaming in 2022 – The year 2021 has been very tough for all of us, but one thing which kept us motivated and hopeful was seeing some truly amazing gaming, adventure, entertainment, or other similar video content on youtube, twitch, etc. This trend will continue to be there in 2022 and so today we are here to help you understand what gadgets and equipment do you need to start a professional live streaming channel.

But before we go and explore various gadgets and equipment for live streaming, do note that these are for people who are professional and are willing to invest a lot of money for this. If you are new to this world and are looking to test the water before you plunge, then I would suggest you first use your existing equipment like mobile and tools like video editing software, etc to get started. Read this article to know how to use twitch irl.

Here is a compiled list of various professional gadgets for advanced live streaming:

1. Camera:

This is like the most basic and critical equipment for live streamers, as without this the entire stream will be a flop. There are a lot of options in this department too and depending upon your requirement a good entry-level camera might cost you up to $800, however, some compromises will have to be made. Entry-level cameras are light weighted and hence easy to carry around, but their lens quality and video bitrate, and other technical specifications will be inferior when compared to a $3000 high-end camera. Remember you need a camera to shoot videos and so that should be a priority and not the image quality. A lot of new buyers make this mistake, they buy a camera with a good image processor and then regret not focussing on its video-making capability.

Camera - Gadgets Required for Advanced Live Streaming

2. Mic:

After the camera comes the most important other equipment i.e mic. You cannot rely on the internal microphone of your camera to capture high-quality audio of your live stream. Invest in a good quality External Mic which is compatible with your camera setup and let your followers hear your awesome reactions and voice more clearly. If you do not wish to spend a lot of money in setting up your live streaming setup, then buy a USB or 3.5 mm. How if you are going for a professional setup go for an XLR microphone for the best possible experience.

3. Audio Mixing Equipment:

This equipment is mostly needed by artists and DJ(s) who rely more on the audio part of a live stream than video. You can use this mixing equipment to create some truly amazing mixtapes or other similar music. This equipment is also available as computer software which works by simply mixing audios from a source audio file, but operating this requires huge knowledge and expertise in this regard and so mostly YouTubers use this and others use a hardware base physical audio mixing equipment.

4. Video Encoders:

You would want your audience to see your live stream regardless of their location and internet connection. For that, you will need a good video encoder. What a video encoder essentially does is it compresses and decompresses video files on a usable video codec for a certain platform. This is done mainly to save space and for complying with platform-specific rules. Also use software or hardware-based video encoder as per your usage, like you should go for a hardware-based solution if your primary job is to encode videos else go for software if you are a youtube or twitch streamer. A good video codec can reduce the overall video size without reducing its quality.

Video Encoders

5. Streaming Software:

One of the best and free streaming software is Streamlabs and it is built using OBS (Open Broadcast Systems). It is a simple no fuss and pretty straightforward streaming software. However, this app will work for entry-level streamers and if you have already gathered a large fan following and are now looking for doing some more good quality streams then look for more premium software. This live streaming software’ is suitable for streamers who are trying to make a live streaming channel or brand and not those who are already established.


Live Streaming of content on the internet firstly takes up a lot of courage and self-motivation and significant commitment on your part. There are many pieces of equipment available that can help you deliver some good content to your followers but do note that the quality of the content matters most rather than the quality of the content. Meaning, you have to first choose a good topic on which to make live streams like gaming, cooking, etc, and then decide to buy equipment for sharing your show with the world.

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