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Dev Error 6328 – How to Fix COD Modern Warfare Dev Error 6328?

by Techies Guardian
Dev Error 6328

After the recent release of the first-person shooter game Call of Duty Modern Warfare and its subsequent Warzone, users quickly found that the game was buggy because they encountered a variety of anomaly bugs, such as Dev Error 6328, the most common of which is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzone Dev Error 6328.

Dev error 6328 is the worst and most prevalent error code in the game. The error mainly occurs when the user is waiting in the multiplayer lobby or starting the game. COD Modern Warfare will become completely unplayable when the user encounters this [Dev Error 6328].

With the launch of this game, the COD franchise wanted to allow a complete overhaul in line with ray tracing and others. The new game has a redesigned game engine that offers a better visual experience that the game is famous for. However, the computer version of the Cod game is riddled with Dev Error 6328. If you can manage to fix [Dev Error 6328] and issues, this is, without a doubt, one of the best games you can get.

Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 6328

So, follow our guide to fix Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 6328 and get back to the call of duty process.

Solution 1: Force the Game to Run on DirectX 11

The return to DirectX 11 for gaming has worked for many users to solve Dev Error 6328. DirectX 11 is a more stable version, but you have to sacrifice some of the features DirectX 12 offers. However, it is not extreme. So let’s force the game to run in DirectX 11 mode. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the Battle.Net client on the PC.
  2. Open the game COD Modern Warfare
  3. Go to Options
  4. Review the additional command-line arguments and enter -d3d11
  5. Go out and try to play the game.

Solution 2: Restart Your Network Hardware and Your PC

A mysterious solution that will fix most of the Dev Error 6328 in the game. Users who encountered the [Dev Error 6328] report that is simply restarting their system, and network hardware fixed the problem. We know this is a temporary solution, and you may encounter the Dev Error 6328 problem again. It works for people who are dying to get back into the game.

Switch off your router or modem and the PC for repairs. Unplug all power cables from both the network hardware and the PC, and disconnect them from the power source. Press & hold the power button on the router for 10 seconds to use all power and restart the device. Wait a few minutes or at least 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord and turn on the devices normally. Now start the COD game and see if the Dev Error 6328 still occurs.

Solution 3: Adjust the Game Settings

Several players and other platforms reported that they were able to fix Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 6328 after rejecting the parameters. Limiting the FPS to 60 instead of 70 can also be a solution to this [Dev Error 6328] problem. Therefore, until Activation publishes a solution, here’s what you can do to play.

  1. Limit the FPS to 60
  2. Rotate the texture from top to bottom

Solution 4: Run Warzone in Borderless Full-Screen Mode and Enable V-Sync

While searching the forums investigating Dev Error 6328, we came across a number of users who fixed the Dev bug 6328 by setting the game to Fullscreen Borderless and Vsync to 60Hz. There is no technical explanation for this update. For some reason, these settings have been shown to bypass the Call of Duty 6328 error.

You can only set this setting while you are playing. So, follow the steps below to replicate the solution when the Dev Error 6328 occurs. However, this solution will only effort or work if you are trying to join the multiplayer lobby and not if there is an error on startup. These are the steps.

  1. Open the game and from the main menu click Settings> Graphics tab
  2. Click the display mode and switch from the window to the borderless full-screen mode.
  3. Scroll down and find Sync Every Frame (V-Sync). Activate it.
  4. In the Advanced menu, set the V-Sync Frequency to 60 Hz.
  5. Save the changes and play them back. Check if the Dev Error 6328 persists. If so, try our next solution to fix Dev Error 6328.

Solution 5: Disable All Source Services

The vast majority of users encountered this Dev Error 6328 while launching the game from Origin. After a thorough investigation and tracing by users, we determined that the culprit was two Origin services. They were disabling these services allowed users to fix the COD Dev Error 6328.

If you encounter the Dev bug 6328while playing on the Origin store, here are the steps you can take to resolve [Dev Error 6328] the issue.

Note: Disabling these two services does not affect the gaming experience. However, it will prevent the game from updating automatically. So activate the services from time to time to receive updates.

These are the Steps Below.

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing or clicking the Windows button + R at the same time.
  2. Type msconfig and press Enter.
  3. Click the Services tab.
  4. Activate Hide all Microsoft services. This will hide all Microsoft services and shorten the list so you can easily find Origin services.
  5. Origin Services Found: Origin Customer Service and Origin Web Help Service.
  6. Disable both services, click Apply, and OK.
  7. Restart the device and check if the Dev 6328 error still occurs. If the Dev Error 6328 persists, move on to the 6th solution.

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Solution 6: Disable Crossplay

Sometimes crossplay can be the cause of the Dev Error 6328 problem. Some users who made it their business to find the solution found that disabling crossplay in the game fixed the Dev 6328 bug. This is how you can turn off crossplay in COD Modern Warfare.

  1. Go to the options menu.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Deactivate the crossplay.

Solution 7: Install Nvidia Studio Driver to Fix Warzone Dev Error 6328

If your gaming rig is running on an Nvidia GPU, simply installing the Nvidia Studio driver instead of the Game Ready driver can fix the Dev Error 6328 problem. While searching various forums to find a solution to this [Dev Error 6328], we came across several users who fixed this 6328 error simply by installing the other Nvidia driver.

We assume that the studio drivers have a fix that addresses the Dev Error 6328 issue. However, this is not a fully tested driver yet, so that you may find other bugs with COD or other games. Here’s how to do it.

If your system does not have GeForce Experience, you will need to download and install it first. Download the newest version of GeForce Experience from the official website.

  1. Install GeForce Experience.
  2. If you don’t have an account, register and log in.
  3. In the upper right corner, click CONTROLLERS.
  4. Then click CHECK UPDATES in the upper left corner.
  5. snap on the 3 dots next to CHECK FOR UPDATES and activate Studio Driver.
  6. After the Studio Driver should be available for download, click the green DOWNLOAD button.
  7. When the download is complete, select EXPRESS INSTALLATION and complete the installation. (If prompted, grant administrator rights.)
  8. After the installation is complete, start again or restart the system and check whether the 6328 COD error is no longer visible.

Solution 8: Scan and Repair Using the Battle.net Desktop Client

The Battle.net desktop client is a useful resource for troubleshooting minor gameplay issues, and often the minor solution that works. So let’s use the scan and repair function of the Battle.net client. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the Battle.net client from the desktop shortcut.
  2. Open the game COD MW by clicking on the icon.
  3. Click Options> Scan and Repair> Start Scan.

Wait for the process to finish and see if the Dev Error 6328 is still visible or not.

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Solution 9: Clear Battle.Net Cache Files

Another solution for Battle.net users involves corrupted game files. If your game files have been damaged, this could be a possible cause of the Dev Error 6328. Users who deleted Battle.net cache files forever fixed this [Dev Error 6328]. This will permit you to navigate to the Blizzard Entertainment folder and clear the cache files.

  1. Quit all games running on Battle.net.
  2. Open the Run dialog box by clicking or pressing Windows Key + R.
  3. Type% programdata% and press Enter.
  4. Open the Blizzard Entertainment folder and go to Battle.net> Cache.
  5. Press Ctrl + A, right-click and choose Delete
  6. Make confident that all items have been removed from the folder.

After following the steps above, restart your computer, and Dev bug 6328 should be resolved.

Solution 10: Reinstall COD MW Warzone on a Different Drive

Installing the game on a dissimilar drive than the original location fixed the Dev Error 6328 for some users. So if you are struggling with the Dev bug and nothing has worked so far, it is worth installing the game in a new location.

Solution 11: Remove the Modern Warfare folder from Documents

This is another solution suggested by a user to resolve Dev Error 6328. If you have old Modern Warfare files on your system, this can be causing the problem. So try it.

  • Go to Document -> Delete Modern Warfare Folder (C> Users> System Name> Documents> Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone).
  • Start the game and enter “Exercise -> War zone orientation.”
  • Leave the practice area
  • Caching magic has happened, and now you can play Battle Royale.

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In this article, we talked about 11 Solutions to fix Dev Error 6328. Hope one of the above methods worked to solve [Dev Error 6328], and the [Dev Error 6328] is fixed now. If not, please contact to COD team to get a solution for Dev bug 6328.

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