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Exploring the Employee Scheduling Issues and Ways to Solve Them

by zeeh
Exploring the Employee Scheduling Issues and Ways to Solve Them

Imagine walking into your workplace and getting news about employee no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and decreased productivity. All these are signs of employee dissatisfaction that you must not overlook. Did you know that nearly 85 percent of individuals are unhappy with their jobs? 

This statistic is indeed alarming but true! While there are innumerable reasons for employee dissatisfaction, poor scheduling is a prominent one. 

That is why more and more organizations are turning to employee scheduling software. In this blog, you will explore the common scheduling issues and ways to overcome them. Let’s dive in!

#1 Employee Shortage

Picture this: You get a big project but do not have adequate team members to complete the tasks. Eventually, you might overload your existing employees with work. It can result in an unsatisfied workforce and lead to poor customer service. 

Wondering how to overcome this problem? Hiring more employees may come to your mind first. However, a better way to address it is to leverage employee scheduling software. The tool can provide real-time data of available team members and optimize your workforce. As a result, dealing with employee shortages becomes simple and easy. 

#2 Disorganization

When you have too many responsibilities and juggling between several tasks, disorganization is common. Wondering what’s the solution? Making use of the employee scheduling tools is the key! 

The apps can empower you to manage work like a pro. With the help of the software, you can assign the right tasks to the right employees, set deadlines, and track progress conveniently. 

#3 Shift Swapping

Emergencies may arise at any time, thereby requiring your team members to take urgent leaves. As the work must go on, swapping shifts is an ideal option compared to taking complete offs. 

However, when you allow your employees to manage shift changes themselves, it can lead to a lot of confusion and chaos. That is where the employee scheduling software comes into the picture. The apps enable team members to swap shifts on a cloud-based schedule that’s visible to everyone. Moreover, you can even set reminders to alert your team about their schedule.

#4 Time Offs and Vacation

Vacations are indeed essential for your team members to feel refreshed and maintain work-life balance. However, managing the time-off requests can be challenging for the managers. 

Using employee timesheet software and automating the scheduling software can address the issue. It can notify you when you try to schedule an employee during the time off period. 

#5 Overtime Management

Overtime may be necessary at times. However, excess overtime can negatively affect employee morale and lower their productivity. An ideal way to resolve this issue is to leverage the employee scheduling software.

The apps allow you to set limits on the maximum overtime hours of your team members. As a result, scheduling employees beyond that time won’t be possible. It can lower the burden on your team members and boost their productivity.

#6 Overscheduling

Imagine you have a highly talented, dedicated, and trustworthy employee in your team. It’s quite natural to assign maximum tasks to that team member. However, it can often lead to overscheduling, affecting their performance and job satisfaction.

To tackle the problem, using the employee timesheet software is a smart decision. The app can alert you when an employee is overscheduled and enable you to make the necessary changes. 

#7 Substitute for Sick Employees

Your team members may fall sick at any time but your business cannot stop. To ensure smooth operations, using employee scheduling software proves to be beneficial. 

The centralized dashboard can offer you insights into the skills, knowledge, experience, and availability of employees in one place. As a result, you can find the right replacement for your sick employee and complete projects on time. 

#8 No Show, No Call Employees

When a member of your team doesn’t turn up without any prior information, it can lead to a chaotic situation. However, the employee scheduling software makes handling the situation easier.

With the apps, you can reach out to the backup team members and reassign the tasks. That means you do not have to waste half of your day looking for an ideal substitute.

#9 Lack of Availability

In some cases, you have several tasks at hand but your team members aren’t available. Gaining clarity on who’s working and what and understanding their availability can make things easier. The employee scheduling software can enable you to get clarity and find the right team member for the desired shift. 

#10 Employee Turnover

Engaging the employees and enhancing their satisfaction can be challenging. However, the employee scheduling software can make it possible. It helps maintain a consistent schedule and ensures that your team members are well aware of their tasks. 

Moreover, the reports of these apps can offer you in-depth insights and enable you to find ways to improve employee performance. All these can significantly lower employee turnover and boost productivity.


Whether you are struggling with overscheduling, time-off management, or shift swapping, using employee scheduling tools is the solution. Are you looking for top-notch employee scheduling software? eResource Scheduler is the right choice!

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