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Guide To Downloading And Installing Software From The Internet

by Techies Guardian
Guide To Downloading And Installing Software From The Internet

Guide To Downloading And Installing Software From The Internet – Downloading software from the internet is not about downloading the file and then running the install on it!

It is, after all, a foreign file in your own device, where you probably have all your crucial and confidential information. With the day and age of advancing cybercrime, you cannot take any security measure lightly.

Everything is important, and everything is required!

Therefore, security measures are a must-have when downloading big software that will cover a considerable part of your hard drive or memory. That’s why you will need to check and mark all the important steps before downloading software.

Especially if you are downloading movies from torrent websites like thenewpiratebay.

Here is an elaborate guide on downloading and installing software from the internet.

Steps To Check Before Downloading

These are some of the steps which have been gathered from the internet. Some are suggestions from the experts, and some are lessons from people who have made some mistakes in the past.

1. How To Download A Software

First thing first, you should learn how to download software from the internet. First, you will have to type the name of the software. Then, if you are unable to locate it for free, you can use the torrent website to download it for free.

Once you get your desired software, you will have to locate the link with a .exe file. Then, the movement you click on it will start downloading. Once you get your download file, you will get the application.

If you click on it, you will get the ‘Run’ option and install it on your device.

2. Always Use A VPN

Always use a VPN whenever you are downloading anything, especially when you are downloading something from a torrent. Not saying that what you are downloading is illegal, but hackers are always waiting on the other end to infiltrate your device.

Through these downloaded files, they can breach your data. So VPN is a must-have!

3. Scan The Software URL First

You should always check the file for corruption whenever you download something directly from the internet and not an application store. Yes, there is a way to do it once you install it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have an anti-virus, you will find the option for running URLs as well. However, it is better to scan the URL and check for any viruses before downloading it.

4. Read The Comments & Research

Before downloading any application, researching and checking its credibility is a must. You cannot blindly download something because it is provided for free; it is a cybercrime waiting to happen.

You have to ensure that the software is safe to download and whether it will be able to fulfill the needs of your work. There is no point in wasting your data on something ineffective.

Some of the Torrent sites like Pirate Bay have added information and comments for this purpose.

5. Always Run It Under Antivirus

You should scan the software in your antivirus after installation whenever you are downloading something. The anti-virus will check for any data which can corrupt your internal system and immediately ask you to uninstall it in case of any threat.

If you do not have an anti-virus, you should invest in one today as it can protect you from many malware activities that might infiltrate your system.

6. Check For Shady Extensions

Shady extensions are like the biggest red flags for your software installation. Has new software suddenly been popping up at your startup? Without even you installing it? This is something that can be a cause for your system being slower, possible virus congestion.

These are hackers’ ways to get your important data. If you install software with these extensions, uninstall it right away.

7. Download From Good Websites

This is needless to say, but don’t search for shady websites because they provide you with free software. There are a few legal and well-known sites that can do the same.

Suppose you are being redirected to foreign pages more than the usual kind. If there are too many popups to restrict your browsing, they are not a sign of a good website. Therefore, always use credible sources when downloading.

Final Note

The next time when you download an application and run install, make sure you are covering all these pointers. Installing software on your computer is not a difficult job, even for a novice.

It is all about what you do to ensure safety once you have this external foreign file in your device.

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