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How BETER Live’s Dedicated Tables are Boosting GGR and Turnover for Casino Operators

by zeeh

Immerse yourself into an extraordinary betting experience with BETER dedicated tables, a unique offering of casino entertainment that astoundingly elevates the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and turnover for operators while catering to a diverse range of regional preferences.

BETER Live: Revolutionizing the Live Casino Landscape

BETER Live, a pioneering leader in next-gen live casinos, is making waves in the industry with its innovative approaches, dedication to regional preferences, and diverse game offerings – all designed to cater to their distinct audiences. BETER Live’s products, such as the Gravity brand line-up which includes Gravity Sic Bo, Gravity Roulette, and Gravity Blackjack, not only appeal to the global user base but also hold an integral role in capturing the attention of the vibrant Asian market.

The company’s local market understanding enabled the formation of region-specific collections. For instance, the Chinese Game Collection encompasses regular Sic Bo, Baccarat, Non-Commission Baccarat, along with the new Gravity Sic Bo. Similarly, the Indian Game Collection includes games popular in the region, like Bet on Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Top Card.

Unlocking Potential through Dedicated Tables

An integral part of BETER Live’s strategy includes the use of dedicated tables – a bespoke service that offers tables custom-designed for individual betting companies or casinos. The thematic tables are stylized under popular themes among particular audiences, like the Cricket Duel, a Top Card table, especially for India.

Localized tables zone into specific geographical areas, an example being Ukrainian Roulette designed for players in Ukraine. The customizable nature of these tables allows clients to create an aesthetically appealing, engaging, and intimate gaming environment that quickly resonates with the bettors of various regions.

Reaping Rewards: Rise in GGR and Turnover

The introduction of dedicated tables has unfolded a number of advantages not just for the players but also for the operators. Primarily, these tailored tables tend to uphold their charm, resulting in bettors placing higher amounts of bets, and more importantly, showing elevated participation and involvement in the gaming process.

The increased user engagement and betting activity directly enhance the Gross Gaming Revenue and turnover, paving the way for greater profits and an expanded customer base. These personalized betting platforms have proven to significantly outperform regular games, leading to a marked raise in clients’ revenue.

Steering Forward: Future of Beter Live’s Dedicated Tables

As BETER Live continues to expand within the Asian and Southeast Asian markets, it consistently seeks innovative ways to provide its clientele with not only a valuable gaming experience but also solutions fostering increased revenue. The participation in SIGMA Asia and the release of the new game – Gravity Sic Bo – further underlines their commitment to adapting to the rapidly changing needs of the present-day gaming world.

BETER Live’s dedicated tables stand as a testament to their revolutionary approach, reinforcing their growth strategy not just in the current markets, but as they set their sights on future expansions. With a forward-thinking mindset, high-quality game offerings, and dedicated tables, BETER Live has truly carved a niche in boosting GGR and turnover for casino operators.

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