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CRM for Law Firms – Application software allows you to efficiently and quickly respond to incoming customer requests. A CRM solution is a universal tool that can be used to summarize and analyze customer traffic flows, as well as significantly increase the effectiveness of management work. Would you like to know What’s a CRM law firms?, If yes, please keep reading this post.

CRM for a law firm is of particular importance. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. law firms always receive a large volume of various appeals. These are applications from clients, and subpoenas, and postal notices. At the same time, these documents are received through various communication channels, for example, e-mail, applications on the site, phone calls. It was the processing of all these calls that traditionally required a lot of work and the involvement of several specialists. But thanks to CRM systems, the activities of employees of law firms were optimized;
  2. CRM for lawyers allows you to correctly and accurately organize the work of the firm as a whole. With the help of the software, calls and / or requests are automatically transferred to the employee who is currently free. Thus, it is possible to deal with all clients and not miss anything;
  3. CRM system for law firms plans the working day of each lawyer. So, an employee of the company will not be late for court hearings, meetings, etc., since the entire working day is scheduled every minute in CRM. In addition, CPM for lawyers allows you to achieve a clear and smooth operation of a law firm.

Features of implementation

One of the first and main stages of introducing CRM into any business is to determine the range of issues that the system must solve. Based on the data obtained as a result of the analysis of the company’s work, the CRM solution is selected that has the appropriate functionality for a particular user.

Legal activity is associated, first of all, with a large amount of documentation that must be stored, the receipt of requests through various communication channels, and clear time management of employees. Accordingly, a CRM system for law firms should be implemented in such a way as to meet all of the above requirements.

Basic functions of the crm for law firms

Among the main tasks and capabilities of CRM solutions, it is necessary to highlight:

  • control and distribution of incoming mail flows. At the same time, the software structures them, which makes it possible to achieve excellent efficiency in the primary work with the company’s clients;
  • CRM for lawyers reminds of current tasks;
  • allows you to accumulate information about working with a particular client, as well as a group of clients;
  • control functions. So, legal CRM makes it possible to constantly monitor the activities of the firm’s specialists. Thanks to the capabilities of the system, the results of the work of each employee will be visible. The fact is that it is possible to record and also listen to negotiations with partners and clients. In addition to control, this will also increase labor productivity;

Information Security. A CRM solution for lawyers makes it possible to provide access to certain information to certain employees. This allows you to maintain confidentiality even within the company itself and exclude the possibility of unnecessary disclosure of information.

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