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What are the Common Mistakes When Using Wi-Fi?

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Common Mistakes When Using Wi-Fi

Wireless networks weigh heavily on connections today. We have more and more mobile devices that we can use to surf the Internet without using cables. This opens up a range of possibilities, although it is true that sometimes the speed, stability, and quality of the connection may not be present as we would like. In this article, we TG are going to talk about the most common mistakes when using Wi-Fi. We will give some advice on what we should avoid to avoid problems.

Common Mistakes When Using Wi-Fi

On many occasions, we can make mistakes when connecting wirelessly(wi-fi) with our devices. It does not matter if we are connected from a computer, mobile, or any other equipment. Sometimes some actions can affect the proper functioning of the systems, have a bad speed, or even put our security at risk.

For this reason, we wanted to compile what are the most common failures when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Errors that can affect what we have mentioned and make our connections not work as we would like.

Don’t Choose the Right Band

One of the most common mistakes when browsing Wi-Fi, and that can affect Internet speed, as well as quality and stability, is choosing the right band. As we know, we can make use of the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band. Each of them(bands) has its positive and negative points.

We can say that the 2.4 GHz is ideal for when we are going to connect from a considerable distance to the router or when there are walls and obstacles. It is best since it is less sensitive to distance. However, the 5 GHz band is the most indicated when we want to obtain the maximum speed.

Incorrectly Setting the Router

It is also very common that we incorrectly place our router. This could cause a loss of signal, a malfunction of the connection, and, ultimately, not taking advantage of resources correctly.

When browsing Wi-Fi, make sure you are taking advantage of all the capacity. The interesting thing is that it is located in a central place, in an elevated position, and away from other appliances that may interfere. This way, the signal will be better distributed.

Surfing Insecure Networks

Of course, security is essential. It is a mistake to browse insecure networks unprotected. We should not connect to public networks, such as in an airport or shopping center, and make a payment or log in to our accounts.

Our advice is that in case we need to carry out any such task on insecure networks, we use a VPN. In this way, our connection is encrypted correctly. Check Top50vpn.com to know more about VPN and its benefits.

Using Outdated and Insecure Computers

Something similar can happen if we use outdated and unprotected computers to navigate. We would expose to possible problems that, in one way or another, affect us. There are many occasions when vulnerabilities happen that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. The developers themselves release security patches to correct them, and we must always install them.

But it is also a failure to navigate with computers that do not have security tools. Devices that do not have a good antivirus that protects us correctly. This is something that we must apply to all types of systems and devices.

Use the Wrong Channel

It is also a problem that affects Wi-Fi, it’s quality and speed when connecting to a channel that is not adequate. As we know, we can configure our router to work through different channels. We may find ourselves in the situation that we are in a building surrounded by many users and that their routers may connect to the same channel as ours. This would suppose a significant reduction since we would not take advantage of the resources correctly.

Therefore, it is always important to correctly choose the channel to which we are going to connect. The goal is to maximize speed and not be limited.

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Not Properly Configure the Network

On the other hand, our network has different aspects that we can configure. Sometimes users don’t squeeze the possibilities when browsing Wi-Fi. It is always convenient to properly configure the network that we have.

In short, these are some common mistakes that users make when connecting via Wi-Fi. We have seen some of the main ones and their possible solution. The goal is to make the network speed, the ability to navigate, as good as possible.

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