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Protect Yourself Online: Common Attacks We Can Suffer Online

by Techies Guardian
Protect Yourself Online: Most Common Attacks You can Suffer Online

When we surf the Internet, we can suffer a wide variety of attacks. There are many kinds of malware that, in one way or another, can affect us. Many strategies are used by cybercriminals to achieve their goals. That is why it is interesting to know which are the most common attacks You can Suffer Online and see how we can protect ourselves. We are going to talk about this in this article, where we will give some interesting tips.

Most Common Attacks on the Network

Most Common Attacks on the Network

The hackers are continually refining their techniques to achieve the objectives. They always look for a way to steal information, passwords, infect computers. For this, they use different techniques and attacks. We are going to see which are the most common attacks we may suffer online.

It is important to know how the enemy acts in order to defend ourselves. In this way, we will know what to expect when surfing the net.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are undoubtedly very present on the Internet. They are a method that hackers use to steal passwords. Basically, what they do is impersonate legitimate companies and organizations to gain the trust of the victim.

They use baits to bite the victim. For example, indicate that your account has been stolen and that you have to change the password as soon as possible. But of course, as we can imagine, by changing the password, we are actually sending it to a server controlled by the attackers.

Malware in Applications

It is also another of the techniques most used by cybercriminals. They sneak malware into legitimate tools and applications. Ultimately they modify those programs that we install so that they install malware on the system in addition to fulfilling their function.

This is something that we can find very frequently in applications for computers, but also for mobile devices. They usually arrive when we download from sources that are not official.

Exploitation of Vulnerabilities

The security flaws are very present. These vulnerabilities affect devices of all kinds and can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. Cybercriminals target these holes that are uncorrected to achieve their goals.

Something common is that they use these failures to access the system. They use them as a kind of back door.

Social Networks

Users widely use social networks. We have at our disposal an wide range of possibilities in this regard. They serve to communicate, be in contact with friends and family, inform us.

But you also need (have) to keep in mind that they are widely used by hackers to carry out their attacks. They use bots to send malicious links, fake coupons, Fake News. They are, in short, one more danger.

Fake Pages

Of course, we cannot leave behind the fake pages in the list of Most Common Attacks You can Suffer Online. Attackers use these types of websites to impersonate legitimate organizations. They look for a way to sneak malware through them.

Keep in mind that there are many sites on the Internet where we can find information of all kinds. However, not all of them are going away to be safe.

How to Protect Ourselves on the Internet?

We have seen the main types of attacks on the Internet. Now we are going to show some rabbits on how to protect ourselves on the net and thus prevent our systems from being in danger.

Security Tools

A good antivirus cannot be missing from our systems. It is a very important way to protect ourselves, to prevent the entry of malware. We must always bear in mind that we have many options in this regard. There is a free antivirus, paid, with very diverse functions.

We must apply this regardless of the type of device and operating system that we are using. We need to know that any system can be vulnerable.

Upgraded Equipment

Of course, it is also vital to have the latest versions and patches. As we have seen, there are many vulnerabilities that can exist in a certain computer or system. It is the developers themselves who let go (release) those security patches that we must apply.

But we are not only talking about operating systems. It is also important for router firmware, programs that we use, etc.

Use Legitimate Apps

This point is important. Occasionally we can indeed come across third-party programs that can have very different functions. However, that is a problem. It could be a threat and put our security at risk.

The advice here is only to use legitimate, safe applications that are not a risk to users.

Common Sense

Last, but perhaps most importantly, common sense. We must always avoid mistakes when navigating. Failures such as downloading untrustworthy email attachments. Those errors are the ones that can compromise our equipment and put security and privacy at risk.

In short, these are some important tips that we must always apply to safely navigate the Internet.

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