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Aviator Game Demo To Help You Win More

by Techies Guardian
Aviator Game

Aviator is a challenging game with strict timeframes, so you need to play it in a demo first. Why so? Let’s learn more!

Any casino title is better if you first play it in the free mode. The practice helps you understand the game, test a strategy, and increase your income from games overall. Let’s investigate how to play the Aviator game demo most helpfully.

Does Aviator have a demo?

Yes, all casinos provide 2 modes for their Aviator versions: real money and demo. The switcher is placed in the upper corner of the game window.

The demo version provides 3000 credits to test it. It’s a virtual currency that you can’t withdraw. At the same time, you don’t need to deposit real money to play the demo. So, it’s 100% free.

Demo mode is an exact copy of a real mode version: the same plane patterns, same interface, and gameplay. Thanks to that, you can test the title, build a strategy, then implement it without changing to real money playing.

How do I play the demo on Aviator?

You can access the game even if you don’t have an account in a casino. Just open a gambling site, find Aviator, and tap its icon. Usually, it opens the free demo by default. If not, then tap the switcher and if you can’t tap the switcher, then discard the casino. If a gaming site doesn’t allow you to play a free demo without registration, it’s a scam. Don’t trust it.

Ok, you’ve selected a site, opened a free demo game, and — forward to experiments! Find your best Aviator strategy without spending money!

The best way to play the demo:

  1. Estimate the budget. You can use all 3,000 or only a part of it.
  2. Divide the virtual budget into units by which you’ll change bets. For example, divide 3,000 onto 3 packs. The first 1,000 are divided by 1 credit unit; then, you have 1,000 units for betting. The second is divided by 100 credits; you have 10 units. And the third — by any amount you like. The point is to find an optimal bet that will profit from your gaming.
  3. Then test various strategies: flat, negative, or positive progressions. Track your virtual balance: how fast you get or spend money with different strategies.
  4. Test the 2-bet control panel to learn how to hedge the game and strategies.
  5. Track the outcomes’ history to find patterns: how often high and low coefficients happen in the game. Different casinos set different patterns.
  6. Watch the bets made by you and other players. It’ll help to see how successful different strategies are.

How do I play the demo on Aviator?

Aviator demo game benefits

The main benefit of the demo mode is practicing for free. That way, you better understand the settings, gameplay, and outcome patterns.

Which settings and features to track?

  • 2-bet control panel to learn how to make 2 bets on 1 round, so the wagers minimize losses and maximize profits;
  • Autoplay and Auto Cashout buttons to help in implementing your strategies;
  • round history to see which multiplier patterns are active on the selected site;
  • live bet statistics to understand your and other players’ decisions;
  • game settings: audio, animation, live chat, free bets, Provably Fair, et cetera.

And also, you’ll evaluate how well the site works. Does it have glitches or lags? How fast it answers your taps? Is it convenient on desktops and mobile devices?

What is the best strategy for Aviators?

Demo mode is a must for testing the strategies. Which strategies can you use in that game? Plenty!

The simplest one is the 1-bet flat strategy. You make one wager on a round and don’t change the wagers’ amounts.

The next is a 1-bet progression. You can change the stakes depending on the rounds’ results:

  1. The negative progression is to raise stakes when lost and decrease when won.
  2. The positive is to increase wagers when won and decrease when lost.

Examples: Martingale, Paroli, Laboushere, Fibonacci, et cetera. The Internet has many tutorials on various casino strategies you can implement in the Aviator crash game.

What is the best strategy for Aviators_

The next is the 2-bet strategy: 1 bet is flat, and another is progression. Use Autoplay and Auto Cashout options to ease the pain of making bets in a 5-second timeframe. You can combine them as you prefer. The demo mode is ideal for building a combination of tactics without spending money.

The most complex is the 2-bet strategy, with both wagers on manual control. That level is impossible, and expert players actively use autoplay and auto cashout options to make life easier.

Also, the strategies can be sorted by risk levels:

  • low-risk level — playing on low coefficients that bring stable income;
  • high risk — hunting for high multipliers;
  • medium — balancing different coefficients.

Learning patterns (hit frequency, multipliers’ amounts) is a must to implement risk strategies correctly.

So, open the Aviator demo game, and practice for bigger wins in real mode! Let the luck be with you.

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