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The 10 Best Free Android Games of 2020

by Techies Guardian
Android Games

In the Google Play Store, you can find games for all tastes. However, with such an abundant selection of games, it can be a bit difficult to decide which game to download to your Android mobile. But you don’t have to worry since to help you choose. We want to present a list of the 10 best free Android games of 2020. So get comfortable and get ready to have fun with your smartphone.

#1. Call of Duty Mobile

What better way to start than with one of the most popular and successful FPS franchises of all time and its mobile version could not be the exception. This game(Android games) is full of action, shooting, and a lot of adrenaline and features several game modes, including one of the best Battle Royale of the moment. Also, here you will find maps and classic characters from other titles in the franchise.

You can customize your weapons, improve your ranking, win prizes, and much more. But more important than all that, it is a fast, frantic game with excellent graphics that combine with its other features to make this the best shooter for mobile devices today.

#2. Into The Dead 2

The original Into the Dead game was pure zombie-busting fun, and its continuation is even better. In this action-packed game(Android games), you will experience the zombie apocalypse as you race across the maps to save your life and your loved ones. Along the way, you will collect the most powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to defeat the undead.

Can you survive while zombies approach and surround you to attack you? It is something that only the most daring can achieve. There are many interesting locations, from farms to military bases, and a story that unfolds as you complete chapters. There are also many challenges to keep you coming back for more every day.

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#3. Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is an extraordinary mobile video game inspired by the hit television series. In this android game(android games), you will build a methamphetamine lab, increase your income, and defend yourself against your rivals. You will also find the main characters, one of the television phenomena of recent times.

As it grows, your lab will expand, and you’ll earn more and more cash, and while the game is a bit aggressive with in-app purchases, any Breaking Bad fan will appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest.


This iconic video game turns 40 and has remained in force through time, so we could not leave it out of this list. The mobile version of one of the most famous arcades in history, stays true to the original format, challenging you to eat the dots and the fruits while avoiding the ghosts.

There are some new levels to keep things fresh and daily challenges, so you don’t lose your excitement and always want to come back for more. It is definitely a game(android games) that you cannot miss on your mobile.

#5. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey has put an elegant twist on the infinite runner genre. This game is the continuation of Alto’s Adventure in which you will explore beautifully designed levels, travel through mountains, and bounce in hot air balloons as you discover the mysteries of the desert.

It is a very fun game that is also very easy to learn, but you will need to master the movement combos to complete all the objectives. Enchanting art and a serene soundtrack combine with the appeal of the game, making it definitely worth playing.

#6. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the games or android games that has revolutionized the Battle Royale genre, becoming the favorite of millions of users around the world. It’s an action-packed FPS with fairly intuitive controls, exceptional graphics, and a simple premise: 100 people fall from a plane onto an island, and the last one standing is the winner.

The island is full of equipment, weapons, and vehicles that you can collect and use to defeat your enemies, along with a mechanic that reduces the playing area with a time limit to prevent games from lasting too long. Its latest updates have incorporated new game modes and some more elements.

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#7. PES 2020

If you are a football fan, this game cannot be missing from your smartphone. It is one of the most famous and highest quality sports titles you will find. Here you can play with your favorite team, with the best football stars and in the best leagues in Europe and the rest of the world.

In addition, you can relive the best moments of iconic players who marked an era in the so-called beautiful game. PES 2020 offers amazing graphics that will make you feel like you are on a pitch and very simple controls, so you won’t have too much trouble learning to play.

#8. Dragon Ball Legends

The Dragon Ball series has seen a major resurgence in recent years, and this mobile game lives up to that. The game is a lot of fun, especially if you are a fan of Dragon Ball, here you will fight your enemies in a series of different levels, collecting skills and characters along the way.

Tap and slide to attack, move or dodge and tap cards for special attacks and abilities; that is, all your attacks can be launched with one finger. It’s that simple. Dragon Ball Legends also has an online PvP mode in which you can face players from all over the world in real-time.

#9. Marvel strike force

Earth has been attacked by an unknown force, and the most famous characters in the Marvel universe must take charge to contain the panic and defeat the invaders. Marvel Strike Force game challenge you to gather all your beloved heroes into a team, upgrade them and lead them to victory in a single-player campaign and battles against other players.

The game(android games) has very intuitive gameplay, and its graphics are quite good. You can use real-world money to buy characters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn them for free just by playing frequently.

#10. Real Racing 3

Speed ​​lovers also have their place on this list, and with Real Racing 3, they will be able to enjoy a wide range of meticulously recreated cars on an impressive line of real tracks from around the world. The game features cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and other well-known brands.

You can also test your skills behind the wheel on tracks such as Silverstone, Hockenheimring, or Le Mans. Its countless events to participate in, online multiplayer mode, and realistic yet impressive graphics have made it one of the best racing games(android games) on mobile.

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